We understand that many people go to bars and order their drinks with coke; unfortunately if they wish to try something new they are forced to take a risky gamble. withCoke.com is the worlds only one stop site to ensure you enjoy your newly founded drinks with coke to the fullest.

Our in-house authors:

  • The Alcoholic 
  • Artificial Colours (Arti for short)
  • Bubblez

Our authors each bring their own uniqueness to the table when it comes to tasting and reviewing drinks in order to discover the best flavour possible for spirits old, new and sometimes bizarre with the addition of coke. 


Our Story

The alcoholic lead a warm, yet sheltered life, until the day he first laid eyes on a quaint little bottle of Jim Beam pictured on a sponsored car seat cover in a Kmart in Springvale. That one fateful day sent the alcoholic on his descent into madness, yearning to try the hallowed drink for years to come. These events conspired to lead the young alcoholic to university soon after sipping his first taste of the spirit he had yearned for, for so long. Here at university he heard whispers of a group of travelling beasts of the bar, that he feared may only truely be a shadow of reality or none other than a rumour. The young alcoholic made it his semester goal to find this travelling group, said to be the bane of the quiet bar and dream of the bartenders.

Months passed, the now bearded alcoholic thought he had met his match, about to give his quest up fearing it was merely legend, when finally he stumbled upon them. A group of three men, one a footballer, one allergic to seafood and one enigma who came only to be known as Artificial Colours. The alcoholic was accepted into this group of legend, where after a few short months and with the assistance of his in-built keg, finally earned his nickname. But alas the alcoholic still yearned for more, greedy as he felt he may be, he knew that he needed one more in his life.

Enter a filthy scientist graduate, with a belly for beer and a desire for carbonation, who had given up on his hypothesising ways in search of a more meaningful university course. Abandoned by his previous university peers for his drunken ways, the scientist stubbled in to the few lectures he actually attended reeking of a familiar scent to the alcoholic, mixed with urine tones. The alcoholic knew he must engage this new player on the scene... but how? On a standard Tuesday brainstorming session, exhausting the alcoholic supplies at the local TGI Fridays, the alcoholic excused himself from the group in sight of a familiar character at the bar. The alcoholic approached the figure at the bar, sat beside him and ordered himself a Jim Beam and coke. "what's that, that you're drinking there mister?" the alcoholic asked the figure, who was wearing a stained white lab coat with three bubbling vials in his top left pocket. "A blue moon lager, topped off with coke mate" came the mysterious reply. In this defining moment, the alcoholic made the riskiest call of his life as he demanded the man come with him.

After crossing swords in the bathroom, the alcoholic took the man the join the group. "where the bloody hell have you been, mate?" the seafood allergic ridden Sir. Puffington exclaimed. Before the alcoholic could plead the new mans case, the lab coat wearing man exclaimed cheers, clinked glasses with everyone at the table and chugged his beer and coke like no man had skulled a beer and coke before. The new man was in. Within minutes this failed scientist become known as bubblez, for both his love of carbonation, his constant case of hiccups and his peculiar interesting in holding liquids over his bunsen burner until they bubbled.

Four years later, the alcoholic was sitting in the alco-den,wondering what to drink next when he decided to drink something new, but what? He quickly assembled the gang, ignoring the footballer and sir Puffington. The alcoholic briefed the boys on what he was planned and they quickly took to google for suggestions. Unfortunately for the alcoholic, he did not want to drink a neat or on the rocks style beverage, but the internet was cruel and did not offer the intelligence on this kind of drink. What was the alcoholic to do? He rode his bicycle to his local Dan Murphy's, as Bubblez and Arti followed about 20 minutes later in a car, which the alcoholic was unable to use. Alas once they arrived, the staff were unable to give them the advice they so dearly desired, instead offered a tirade of special single malt scotch, unique tequilas and beautiful gins. Heartbroken by the lack of comparative coke based beverage knowledge, the alcoholic sought one final option: the labels on the bottles. This was also futile. However, from the pain of his alcoholic tears the idea was born. withCoke.com was born. Enjoy responsibly.