Chrissy Cake

Chrissy Cake


Handful (or more) of Pomegranate

45 tequila 

45 strawberry syrup

30 licor 43

15 peach schnapps 

15 strawberry liqueur


  1. Fill Martini glass with ice and set aside

  2. Use a muffler to crush pomegranate in a cocktail shaker

  3. Add ice, tequila, strawberry syrup, licor 43, peach schnapps and strawberry liqueur to the cocktail shaker

  4. Shake until ingredients are well combined

  5. Empty martini glass

  6. Strain the mixture from shaker into martini glass

  7. Garnish with mint leaf if your heart desires

  8. Enjoy!


The tequila smell is a little scary, but this mostly tastes like a strawberry cake with subtle notes of tequila, peach and pomegranate rounding out the flavour in a light and fruity way. Pretty good, but although it doesn’t taste that alcoholic - it is. It is quite heavy (kind of like eating a dense cake).

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