Spiderman Style Frozen Margarita Slushie

Spiderman Style Frozen Margarita Slushie

Spider-man: Homecoming comes out tomorrow - July 7, 2017! In Australia at least, so we thought we'd pimp out a frozen margarita to get you in the mood, because the movie looks great and drinking is a fun way to prepare for anything!



90ml Tequila

30ml Blue Curacao

30ml Cointreau

30ml Strawberry Liqueur

30ml Lime Juice

At least 2 cups of ice



  1. Set a hurricane glass aside, full of ice, to chill

Blue Half:

  1. Blend: 45ml Tequila, 30ml Blue Curacao and 30ml Lime Juice with ice until the mixture looks similar to that of a slushy drink.
  2. Empty ice from hurricane glass
  3. Pour into the hurricane glass until it's approximately half full of the blue mixture.

Red Half:

  1. Blend: 45ml Tequila, 30ml Cointreau and 30ml Strawberry Liqueur with ice until the mixture forms a slushy like substance.
  2. Fill the hurricane glass to the top with the red mixture
  3. Garnish with white shiny sprinkles and a straw! If you're feeling adventurous feel free to add an orange slice and or an umbrella to really amp up the party!
  4. Enjoy!


It has a bit of a natural margarita style tang the whole way through, but the sprinkles sink through and mix it up with sweet patches as well! It's really nice, especially if you alternate between the two halves: 
- The blue half tastes like a light orange and tequila margarita combination
- While the red half tastes like a sweet strawberry, orange, tequila and sweet hit. Kind of a cherry  or raspberry sweetness enters, but that could once again be the strawberry liqueur at work.
This is a lovely tangy summer cocktail that could really be enjoyed at anytime of the year if you have the ice around to make it! Try adding different garnishes (such as orange, strawberries or cherries) to really spice up the flavour and give it another layer to the awesomeness! Perhaps enjoy while watching spider-man homecoming tomorrow!

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