Velvet Moon

Velvet Moon

On this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in the Apollo 11 spaceflight. Today, we made something a little bit spacey to satisfy all your out of this world desires! As an added bonus - this one has options! Lemonade (left), cranberry (middle) and straight (right). Enjoy!



30ml Vodka

30ml Blue Curacao

30ml Strawberry Liqueur


Cranberry Juice




  1. Fill a glass with ice (Highball if you plan to fill with cranberry juice or lemonade, or martini glass if just having straight).
  2. Pour strawberry liqueur, blue curaçao and vodka into the glass (in that order for effect)
  3. mix together until colours combine to a nice purple colour
  4. Optional: Fill with lemonade or cranberry juice
  5. Enjoy!


Straight Edition:

This drink has a punchy orange taste, but a little bit bitter. A little bit of a vodka flavour to the aftertaste, but very easy to drink. The strawberry flavour is very faint and hard to find, but hidden beneath the orange.

Cranberry Edition:

Very sweet with a mix of a light cranberry and strawberry flavour. This taste is quickly chased by an orange flavour as the blue curaçao manages to dominate the mix again. Extremely easy to drink, but almost no aftertaste - you definitely can't taste the vodka.

Lemonade Edition:

The lemonade takes the centre stage in this version of the drink, creating an amazingly sweet beverage.There is absolutely no aftertaste, once it leaves your mouth - it's gone. You experience a flash from each of the flavours: orange, strawberry and sweetness, but it is all masked to a degree by the sweetness of the lemonade.



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