Hibiki Suntory Whisky

Hibiki Suntory Whisky

The Shot

Sniffing this golden liquid is not advised as it will swiftly sting the nostrils, but you can catch the lovely spiced scent of this Japanese whisky. 

 As soon as it graces your lips, Hibiki greets you with a cheeky punch in the face, both awaking and killing the majority of your taste buds. However, once the shock has passed you welcome notes of orange and vanilla which are quickly replaced by a spiced aftertaste as you swallow. This aftertaste stays with you for a fair while partnered with an illustrious burning sensation at the back of the throat.


The Bar Test

In the classic old fashioned glass, loaded with coke and ice, Hibiki loses a large amount of the kick it had by itself, instead tasting somewhat similar to that orange flavoured Cottees cordial we all know and love. In the bar test habitat, Hibiki's persistent aftertaste is unable to make its stand, instead being replaced a very smooth aftertaste. Strangely enough, the Hibiki seemed to flatten the coke in the bar test, which didn't really affect the flavour, but could hurt your feelings if you were hungering for those bubbles that only an ice cold coke could supply.



Because of its punchy flavour and its handsome price tag, we'd recommend drinking Hibiki on a fancy night, not a big night.



  1. At this point it has a bit of a sting to it if you manage to splash it in your eye. Misfortune aside, you'll probably be wanting more coke with this bad boy because, although its diluted and somewhat drinkable, its still not all that pleasant.
  2. At two shots of coke it was getting more pleasant on the palate, but that burning aftertaste was not letting up. We aren't doctors, but we would probably recommend more coke.
  3. We finally got rid of that aftertaste now that there's more coke than Hibiki, you could drink it at this point if you wanted.
  4. Four shots and we're tasting similar to the bar test. This is probably the ideal amount of coke if you want more of that chill smooth flavour we were describing earlier, but if you're more of a naturalist or a downright filthy animal, you'd probably want to hang back at the three shots mark.


$120 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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