Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon

Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon

Preface: Jim Beam was my first drink when I was young. I remember I nagged my father for weeks to let me try his drink till he finally gave in, so it's safe to say Jim and I go way back. After we finished the testing I found myself finishing the remainder of the drink used for the bar test. Despite all this I will try to keep this review as objective as possible.


The Shot

It might have been my unrefined taste buds but I struggled to grasp any taste at all from the raw liquid as it entered my mouth. The box it came in claimed to have "Rich toffee notes" which the others & a good friend of ours El Nico' claimed to be able to clearly identify. Accompanied by a small punch coupled with sweet notes and a smokey after taste everyone seemed to be pretty satisfied with the experience, however I was already eyeing off the drink Arti had poured for the bar test, eagerly waiting for Bubblez to finish taking notes.


The Bar Test

I had a lot to say about this during testing, I immediately was greeted with a familiar taste. I fully admit I probably took 3 extra sips under the guise of indecisiveness however putting my biases aside there were a couple concerns I have with this drink. First off if I was at a bar why would I buy this aside from the typical "Oh I like Jim Beam, this looks fancy. I'll try it I guess". For most people I strongly believe if I gave you this with coke vs a regular Jim Beam & coke you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, which begs the question: who is this product for? 

Ultimately your high-class drinker will likely go for a top shelf scotch (potentially a nice Hibiki for which we have a review for that you should really check out!). While your binge drinkers will be turned off by the price premium.

With the negatives out of the way, let me tell you what I loved about this drink and why I ended up drinking it after the test: the familiar Jim Beam flavor but with a more refined and smoother taste.  My lips and taste-buds were left wanting more and more with every sip, the addition of the subtle sweetness from the flavors my fellow testers called out when sampling the shot don't aggressively knock on your door disturbing your neighbors all night but use the key you gave them to let themselves in after calling before hand. If you've had a long day at work or studying then this would be the perfect companion.


Our Recommendation

As I mentioned above its tough to define the type of person who should enjoy this drink. I bought a bottle though at CostCo awhile back when I went with Arti and I don't regret my purchase, so I guess there's the answer. If you are a fan of Jim Beam and you enjoy to try the different varieties, I would definitely pick this up for your collection and enjoy it either in your own time or in the company of some good friends.



This is not going to be a shock if you've read the other parts of this review however there was some interesting opinions from the others that I think are worth mentioning:

1. A pleasant sweet smell, reminiscent of caramel. The little harshness that it had straight is instantly almost non existent now. To put it in Arti's exact words:

Tastes like what I imagine a golden liquid tastes like, if I knew what that taste was or what I meant by that

2. The coke starts to take control here and Jim starts to take a back seat along with his less refined brother, approaching what the bar test tasted like.

3. If I had ice, aren't I left with the a standard drink? Honestly nothing unique to this condition anymore

4. Somewhere in between a standard drink and level 3.



$59 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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