Maker's 46

Maker's 46

The Shot

A harrowing sense of subversion surrounds this shot. Fear should eat away at your soul as you bring it to your lips and smell the destructive inferno of a high alcohol content bourbon tickles your nostrils. However, before the sense of pure ethanol graces your tastebuds, you will see possibly the most lovely coloured of amber liquids: probably mocking you, teasing you with beauty before it makes you cry.

To put the taste of a shot of this into perspective: I personally love high alcohol content shot - absinthe, bacardi 151 and tequila are things that dreams are made of. Not this, maker's 46 is brutal. You don't really taste the alcohol itself, but are instead faced with the plethora of burning flavours reminiscent of ethanol. After drinking it you are left salivating quite a bit, which is great, because it helps you remember than you just drunk brutality. However, if you really look for a flavour: you can kind of find a sweet, smokey kind of flavour that you would expect from the bourbon resting in an oak barrel. 


The Bar Test

Strangely, the bar sample for Maker's 46 didn't really taste like much. The coke and alcohol kind of just neutralised each other. While drinking it though, you get a kind of smokey sense and taste around in the sinuses and a slight bitter taste when it hits the tongue. The majority of the flavours came through in the aftertaste, with a mild sweetness, similar to what you would expect from a bourbon, and a very mild burning sensation.



My honest opinion of maker's 46 is that it is something I would buy a friend as a fancy addition to their liquor cabinet as it is nice and adds a fancy little flair to a shelf, however not something I would buy to drink myself on a night out.

Not particularly a drink I want want to buy from a bar, I personally believe that I could get something cheaper that I think would taste better - such as a simple jack and coke or even a standard maker's mark and coke.

As for house parties, I don't know if I would choose this beverage in place of something else, especially if I wanted to get blind. This drink is hard to balance and I tend to make very high alcohol to coke mixes. I would definitely not do shots of this, because I don't think any stomach would be a fan of that. I would drink it as something different if someone had it on hand and I was having a slow chill session.

This does cost about twice as much as normal maker's mark, however I think unless you get the ratio very correct in maker's 46, I much prefer standard marker's mark.



  1. It actually seems lovely and sweet, but as for the taste: no thank-you
  2. Kind of a fizzy burn. Kind of like drinking coke with mentos. Starts to smell like brown sugar.
  3. Becomes quite sweet. Not really ideal, but pretty much drinkable - wouldn't drink it for a drinking game though.
  4. Actually really nice. Tastes much sweeter than normal maker's. At this point the flavour is brought out quite nicely. Has a syrup kind of taste, much like drinking strong cordial. I could drink this happily.


$79 per 750ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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