Negrita Spiced Golden Rum

Negrita Spiced Golden Rum

The Shot

Negrita Spiced Golden Rum is a French-tropical addition to your rum collection which is not only cheap but also tasty. Of course don't just take my word for it. Go try it and see for yourself. From just pouring the drink you immediately smell vanilla notes and hope that it's something smooth. Now given the price, I wasn't expecting the best rum in the world but it is surprisingly smooth. You can taste the spices added to it along with a small bitter aftertaste. It's pleasant and it's tasty. There's an alcohol hit to it but it's very weak so won't bother anyone that's not a fan of 'strong' drinks.


The Bar Test

This is an incredibly refreshing drink. Make sure the ice is here as it just adds to the cool and refreshing taste. The vanilla and spice flavours make it not only unique but also gives the feeling that you're drinking something fancy. Remember, this is a cheap rum so I'm still surprised on the taste. Like I said earlier, pleasant and tasty. You won't disagree. Well, you shouldn't. This is mixed with coke but you don't realise it after trying it. Any flavour coke has disappeared into the new Negrita tropical flavours. My good friend, The Alco, found it hard to put this bar test down at first. For a whisky drinker this is a big deal. Clearly he was also marvelling over the surprisingly tasty flavour. 



It's cheap. It's tasty. If you don't plan on spending much for a bottle of rum then you should definitely consider this. Also make sure to grab some coke to go with it. I'm not too sure on how widely available and popular this rum is as I've never spotted this at a bar before. So if you do see it be sure to give it a try.



1. The pleasant flavours from the rum are apparent but is ruined by the equal amount of added coke.

2. Big improvement with the added coke. There's a much better balance at play here where the harsh edges from the rum are smoothed out. 

3. Similar to the bar test here but not as refreshing without the ice.

4. The rum flavours are almost completely diluted here due to the large amount of coke.



$32 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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