Manttingly & Moor Bourbon Whiskey

Manttingly & Moor Bourbon Whiskey

The Shot


When first inspecting this bourbon what you will first find is a caramel smell that is quite noticeable. It may be the lower alcohol volume (37%) but when trying it it was a lot smoother then other bourbons which typical float around the 40% mark. The smoothness isn't entirely a result of the small 3% difference a lot I am sure is due to how the taste is cultivated. So the other great thing about this in shot form is the fact it doesn't hang around your mouth for an eternity like a lot of other whiskey and scotches we have tried over the last few months.

The Bar Test


According to Bubblez this taste like "a fizzy caramel slice" and he definitely was on to something. There is a definite caramel taste to it (not as strong as the mentioned slice) whether you like it with your coke is for you decide however. I found that the flavours conflicted with one another and resulted in a drink I had no desire to drink afterward, that's not to say I felt nauseous due to it (like some tests in the past) but I don't see myself pouring myself a glass of this bourbon and coke when I get home from work at all.



I really hoped this would be a secret success since it's made in America and we all know America makes great whiskey (see Jack Daniels). Unfortunately this wasn't the case, Manttingly & Moor is in every single away - uninteresting. For the taste I wouldn't drink this straight or with coke especially considering the price. 



1. Resulted in a better taste than what we tried with the bar test. Definitely try this with some ice and at a full drink size.

2. Nothing remarkable to note at this point in testing. Can say for sure that I wouldn't be drinking this combination again.

3. Very similar to the bar test. Could taste a similar caramel flavour.

4. Taste like coke with not much else and a tiny caramel after taste.


$31.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's, prices may vary.

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