Hogs 3 Bourbon

Hogs 3 Bourbon

There's a cork for this bourbon that gives a lovely 'pop' when it's opened. 

The Shot

The fun thing about Hogs 3 bourbon is that it's distilled and aged for three years (hence the '3') in the USA before being bottled in Scotland. So technically, this bourbon is shipped from Scotland, the home of scotch. Nevertheless, we gave Hogs 3 bourbon a try and the first thing we noticed was the smell. It's strong. To be more specific, it smells like it's a strong drink. The taste matched our expectations after this smell. It burns the lips and once it's in your mouth you wish it wasn't there. The flavour itself has some traces of oak and possible caramel which is difficult to identify. It's hard to swallow and when you do eventually down the bourbon it will sting the back of your mouth. Of course, this is completely biased. I know of some people who find this bourbon to be surprisingly smooth for the low price and could mistake it for something more expensive. I think these people are delusional but everyone has there own taste so I guess you'll have to try this one neat yourself to see if you enjoy it.


The Bar Test

This is where I start to like Hogs 3. It's a lot better with coke than having it neat. It's almost like it's meant to be with coke. But still overall it's an ok bourbon and coke. I mean, I definitely enjoy it more with coke than the shot but I guess the flavour itself is just what to expect from a three year old bourbon which is not the best when you compare it to other bourbons. The flavour itself is a bit tangy and it's not sweet at all even with the added coke. You probably could drink it all night if you were stuck with it but you wouldn't want to.



Make sure you have coke with you if you plan on drinking Hogs 3 bourbon. Otherwise avoid. It's cheap so it's probably what you'll expect but you should definitely spend the extra few dollars on something you'll actually enjoy drinking.



1. Not nice. Do not try at home.

2. Still not great at this point but it's better than the one-to-one ratio from earlier.

3. If you had to choose a ratio to drink this bourbon with coke. I'd choose this one. It's, well, ok. Again, not the best bourbon in the world and it's cheap so don't expect much.

4. This tastes like a bitter coke. If that sounds like your thing then this is for you.



$31.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's, prices may vary.


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