Old St Andrews Clubhouse Scotch Whisky

Old St Andrews Clubhouse Scotch Whisky

The Shot

The first thing you notice about this whisky is that the bottle is shaped like a golf ball. Which is actually the reason as to why I picked this off the shelf so kudos to whoever came up with the bottle design. It also seemed to be a reasonable price for what looked like a classy blended whisky. For those that aren't aware, St Andrews is a town in Scotland that is renowned for it's golf courses. Hence, the bottle shape. 

The second you take a sip of this scotch your lips are going to burn. Once it's in your mouth you're going to experience a burst of horrible fruity flavour which you just don't want. It almost feels like it's fizzy. After swallowing this your tongue is going to burn and after a while there'll be a fruity flavour aftertaste after it cools down. The fruity flavour at the end here is ok but it's not worth it for the unpleasant burn.


The Bar Test

After mixing the golf ball scotch with coke the taste improves slightly. It's ok. Nothing really stands out. Actually, it's a bit disappointing. For a whisky that's been matured in casks for sweet wines (such as port and sherry) I thought maybe some fruity taste would stand out but there's nothing. If someone had mixed some flavourless syrup with water plus some alcohol then it'd be this. 



The one real pro I can see for buying this is for the bottle. It looks nice and stands out. However, you should never open this bottle. Or you will want to hit it with a golf club somewhere far and hope that it never returns. 

Apparently there are different types of this whisky that you may buy. This is the clubhouse edition. I am yet to try the others but if you think it would be a good idea to buy this whisky as a gift for your golf crazed friend then be sure to avoid the Clubhouse edition.



1. Smells like varnish and the coke flavour is nowhere to be found. Avoid.

2. Smells more bearable. There's a bit of a smokey taste to it and it's a little smoother. Still not great though.

3. Nothing really to say here. It just taste like coke with not much else. Kind of bland.

4. It's coke. Almost the best out of the four ratios.



$49.99 per 500ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's, prices may vary.

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