McAllister Reserve Scotch Whisky

McAllister Reserve Scotch Whisky

The Shot

Bubblez tried the shot first and immediately announced "Oh god that's bad!" to the world. Following from his outburst he explained how it was hard to identify any distinguishable flavours due to the "overwhelmingly bad after taste". This left the rest of us a bit concerned about what we had got ourselves into, science must prevail we reassured ourselves as we embarked on this rocky journey. To my surprise it really wasn't as bad as it was made out to be, it still wasn't good but not yell worthy. There was almost no alcohol burn at all and to begin with I almost feel like I found a diamond in the rough, the diamond turned out to be coal still unfortunately as all good things came to a abrupt and end. Reminiscing back to the moment and referring to my notes I guess Bubblez was right as I don't remember recalling any particular taste but I definitely remember that really bitter after taste that lasted for what felt like a lifetime.


The Bar Test

If you have ever drank a cheap scotch before you won't be surprised with what we experienced with McAllister. Since the beginning of the withCoke journey I could honestly say the closest thing to cheap scotch was Red Label (of which I wasn't a big fan) however since then I have tried many "interesting" scotches and unfortunately its hard to describe this one without sounding like a broken record. One characteristic that was a surprise however was the bitter kick towards the end wasn't as strong as other scotches which potentially could make this a reasonable option for those who aren't as big of a fan of scotch due to it's distinct tastes.



I can't say that I am a personal fan of scotch in general, I by no means hate it and I will drink it and enjoy drinking it when I want something a bit different. However unlike bourbon which I find myself being able to tolerate bad varieties on a semi-regular basis, especially if I am penny pinching. That being said if your a scotch lover on a budget this is definitely a viable option if you get the opportunity to get this cheaper then what we were able to. As for a bar scenario, I am sure there is other options that you could go with that would not make your friends question your level of intoxication.



1. After the experience we had with the shot, even the small addition of coke resulted in this not being as bad as we expected, however ultimately it was still quite bland.

2. The scotch taste is stronger which unfortunately for this drink isn't a good thing...

3. Continues to be a bland affair, notable from Bubblez was "I would not be happy if I ended up with this from the bar."

4. The best option out of the four however this is potentially because it mostly taste like coke.



$32.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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