Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

The Shot

This whiskey may be made by the same people but it is definitely a more interesting take on Jameson than what you may expect. Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition taste like, yes you guessed it, stout! Well, not completely. There's similar flavours that will remind you of stout but it's still a whiskey at heart, especially since it is actually a whiskey. This Jameson has been aged in craft beer barrels which is where it's receiving these new flavours. Whether it's actually worth the bigger price than the original Jameson is what we're here to find out.

First, the smell. It's strong on the nostrils. It makes you think this may be a strong drink but it is only 40% alcohol which is nothing to worry about. Your lips will burn though when drinking it. However, the taste is another story. It's strong but smooth. Almost heavy; I suppose that's where the stout part begins to come in. You can tell that the stout flavours are there such as cocoa and coffee. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is as it's a rather interesting taste having these flavours mixed so distinctively into a whiskey.

Nevertheless, whatever it is that you yourself are going to recognise is going to conclude with a burn to the throat and a lingering aftertaste that reminds you of stout. I'm personally not much a fan of this aftertaste so I'll be looking for a palette cleanser of some sort. I do still enjoy the whiskey though. It's tasty.


The Bar Test

This reminds me more of the original Jameson. The burn has been eliminated with the added coke and has been replaced with a harsh yet crisp sugary taste. This along with the flavours experienced from the shot is actually quite nice. There is also no lingering aftertaste. The original Jameson has more of a mainland feel to it but this seems to have the taste of a completely different fancy scotch whiskey. 



This whiskey has some bite to it and along with the stout flavours it is definitely a good twist on Jameson. However, it makes me miss the original Jameson. Whether you'll have the same feeling is probably dependant on how much you enjoy stout beer. I don't think it's worth the bigger price but I would recommend you to try it if you are a stout fan.



1. Strong scent again but it's not nice. No burn but it's not great. Try to avoid this one to one ratio.

2. Smells better here. Taste is also better. Little peatiness.

3. Crisp sugary taste similar to what was experienced in the bar test. It's tasty. You want to finish it.

4. No smell at this point. There's clearly too much coke as some of the flavour is diluted but it's still tasty. 



$59.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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