Jack Daniel's Red Dog Saloon Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey [Limited Edition]

Jack Daniel's Red Dog Saloon Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey [Limited Edition]

Another take on an otherwise classic Jack Daniel's product celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Jack Daniel's Red Dog Saloon, which was originally located in the Lynchburg town square as a throwback to when you could buy a JD in the town it was made. So that's pretty cool, but the sour mash vibe sounds like an exciting twist, so without further ado - let's get to the review!


The Shot

As soon as the open the bottle, your senses aren't excited, but not attacked. The scent isn't very potent, but when you really get in there to take a good sniff you'll notice it is a softer and a little sweeter than its classic counter part, but on the most part it definitely reminds you of the classic. A smell that really isn't replicated by any other brand. It's tantalising and gets you even more pumped for the reliably enjoyable tastes that JD always produces, instantly recognisable whether you like a JD or not. The colour of this sitting in your glass is a lot more yellow than the classic JD, which made us question how we felt about it a little, but that's only a minor part of the experience - taste time.

As you bring it to your lips, the smokiness of the scent fills your nostrils as you brace yourself for your very first taste. Your eyes will water, but you'll want it. As soon as it touches your lips you'll notice. It will make them tingle and you will question what is going on. You'll stop focusing on your tingly lips as soon as it touches down on your tongue. You get a wash of wateriness, which is quickly followed by an interesting set of flavours that you can guarantee you didn't expect, unless of course you read this first. You get a side of smokiness, but that disappears, you're slapped with a little bit of a JD original flavour, mostly because thats what your expecting, not because it's a majority part of the flavour profile and you won't notice the original JD flavour as much when you sip it again. The rest of the experience is a mixture of surprise and confusion, tickling every part of you mouth it touches and leaving a little bit of a dry fluffy feeling. The overall body of the taste is a very light summery kind of flavour with is a little difficult to discern at first. It is cool above all, light and a little fruity, but still with a tang to it. The more you drink the smoother it seems to get, but you will feel it for a little while as it leaves a weird tingle, that could be due to the alcohol content. The side of the bottle certainly does not lie, this is a very smooth sipping whiskey. You could quietly sip away at this for days without getting sick of it. It is an enjoyable experience you have to have for yourself to believe. There is a flavour of woodiness that harks at the cask it came from, you kind of get a taste of vanilla and caramel, but there is really something to this "sour mash" business which is hard to identify, the flavour is cool though and ends with a nice relaxed and long lasting spiciness.

We couldn't really decide on exactly what the rest of the flavours were, because we all really had very different experiences trying this one, but we could all agree that this is probably the only one of the JD products we have tried that we would consider drinking by itself and actually enjoying. There's no daring flavour that really jumps out at you, but as we have said before: sometimes the simple things in life are the best and this take on the JD family really ticks that box, while somehow still remaining a little complex and very easy to drink.


The Bar Test

The coke takes on a kind of caramel colour once mixed with the JD, but that isn't the only part of it that screams caramel - the scent completely changes to a caramel one with an edge of vanilla. It literally smells like a desert. I kind of respect that as someone who loves sweet things. The longer you smell it the fresher it gets, but even as the sweetness of the smell takes a back seat, it still manages to smell like a sweet milkshake or sweet fizzy drink, such as blue heaven.

Simple is how we described the shot and by golly that applies to the bar test. It is incredibly easy to drink. Each of us had drunk about half of the glass before we formed an opinion on the taste, without even realising how much we had. The JD kind of adds a woodiness to the coke flavour, but the JD flavour itself is mostly hidden in the after taste.It still lasts and the strongest it will get is when you breathe out after you have swallowed, but it isn't that powerful. it's mostly a weaker classic JD flavour washed down with a lot of caramel and a little vanilla. On the most part the spiciness is a lot less as well. It is a little bit of a shame, but that mostly suggests you probably want a double shot with coke. As this is a little more expensive than the original JD, you probably want to be drinking it because you really like it or because of the ever so slightly higher alcohol content and ease of drinking. It is definitely smoother than normal JD, which is the biggest plus, but in the bar test it loses a lot of its stand out characteristics. That being said it is still pretty refreshing and enjoyable to drink, but it probably shouldn't be mixed with this much coke - it feels like more of a straight or slightly mixed beverage design.



Firstly, the bottle looks similar to the original JD, but it stands out a lot more because of its effective artwork, which put simply: makes it look cool and eye catching. Big plus for those who want to put it on this display shelf. It also comes in a limited edition sleeve which also looks really good. 

The main downside to a limited edition alcohol is you don't have much time to decide if you want it or not and to be honest - it won me over in store on looks alone. The flavour is actually really nice, smooth and incredibly easy to drink. If you don't like that classic JD taste as much, you will probably enjoy this, if you like cougar bourbon - you'll love this and if you want a slightly stronger JD that you can drink fast without even realising you have been drinking - you want this. 

The main downside is this loses a lot of its flavour with coke, but it saves itself by tasting quite nice straight. We should probably recommend giving this a go, but if you don't want to or don't really care for JD, then maybe don't bother. If you are on the fence, you should do it - it will surprise you!



  1. Scent is exactly the same as the shot. Colour becomes a weird light brown, which would probably make an alright hair colour, but looks a little odd as a drink. Taste wise its a more aired out version of the shot, it makes you get all the flavours at once the second it hits your tongue, but it tastes like you have a single flavour coming from each section of your mouth with a woody flavour throughout, Not bad, definitely enjoyable. Still lasts forever.
  2. Smells and looks the same as the one shot version. Tastes pretty much the same with a heavier caramel overtone. The weird thing about this one is you kind of taste the coke, but only on the roof of your mouth. That's really weird, but cool at the same time, definitely recommend this one, it tastes amazing and is still wonderfully smooth and easy to drink. Don't worry, it still lasts for days with that tantalising tingly spiciness. 
  3. The colour is the same, the smell is pretty much the sam, but a little less powerful. coke is the front runner now, followed by an awesome caramel flavour. Like no joke amazing caramel flavour. Definitely try this one. This one's the best. OMG. Yes. Doesn't quite last as long, but it does last for a little with a vanilla spiciness which kind of refreshes your palate. There is kind of a residual caramel flavour as you whip your tongue around your mouth too.
  4. Smells mostly like coke and the colour has darkened now, but there is a hint of JD still there. Light and woody, somewhat reminiscent of the bar test, but not the same. Coke is definitely the main contributor here and the spicy aftertaste basically gone. There is a little caramel and vanilla gem of a flavour at the end, but you'll wanna keep drinking frequently to keep that flavour there - it disappears very quickly.


$64.99 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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