Canadian Club Whisky

Canadian Club Whisky

The Shot

Kicking this off I found a faint sweet smell which got me excited about what I was about to drink. Taking this amber liquid in, I was surprised by how much I could take into my mouth before feeling any "negative" side effect. Initial taste was as expected - sweet, which eventually transitioned into a not so strong alcohol burn in the mouth. 

The Bar Test

Immediately don't expect Canadian Club to be the star of this drink, because it is most definitely not. The tastes that you do get from the whisky is almost entirely in a sweet after taste that leads it to be very drinkable. The other major thing going for this mixed with coke is the sense of refreshment it leaves behind, it hurts me to say this but not even my beloved Jack Daniel's gives me that feeling. 

I really couldn't find any source of bitterness and the sweetness was not overpowering in the slightest and enjoyable to drink. (Note: I recently finished roughly 20 days without sugar so I have found myself really easily turned off my sweetness) For reference, I finished both the bar test and all the Coke-O-Meter samples.


I sit at my desk writing my review at 10pm on a weekday and a throbbing headache that has lingered all day. Testing was conducted as I was cooking 6 days worth of meals after I carried 60 dollars worth of groceries 20 minutes home. I say this not to request pity for a potential "short" review but to set the scene for my state of mind currently.

Why do you the reader need to know my state of mind? Simple, it reflects how I felt about the different tests and more importantly to demonstrate how despite how tired I am (partly due to the effort described and finishing both the bar test and combined Coke-O-Meter drinks which I am sure contributed) that Canadian Club has a pretty good taste with coke and is extremely affordable. 

I really didn't expect to like it, I have had "CC & Dry" before both premix and bar made and hated both of them (I personally just hate drinks done dry in general). My hatred is increased due to Jameson replacing Cloudy Apple with "Dry and Lime" which is inferior in every way.


1. Stronger sweetness coming from the Canadian Club and the beginnings of some bitter after taste.

2. Almost sickly sweet, that overly sweet super sugary taste that a 12 year old and smokers would like. Neither of which I am.

3. The bitter after taste at this point was starting to stack up. Not as refreshing as the bar test however.

4. This ended up more more like the bar test, which is a good thing!


$34.95 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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