Teichenné Brandy

Teichenné Brandy

Teichenné Brandy will immediately stand out at any bar or liquor store with it's unusual bottle structure. The Spanish brandy can be found in a series of what I find to be rather impressive bottles such as a stiletto heel, a violin or even the figure of Napoleon himself.

It's definitely a drink that will look great in the liquor cabinet if it lasts long enough.


The Shot

A shot of this fine looking brandy has a pleasant aroma and taste of caramel upon first trying it. It will give a nice burn but nothing crazy like what you'd expect from something like Green Fairy Absinth. It's almost like a mix of a nice whiskey and a fruity wine which in a way is what a brandy should be like. Honestly, I think it smells better than it tastes as a shot but I am personally not much of a brandy drinker. 

I've heard that some people like to heat up a glass of brandy before drinking it neat but I think that this would only cause the small alcoholic flavour of Teichenné to dissipate which may spoil the original flavour. Like I said it already smells good; it's a premium brandy and you shouldn't have to warm it up. 


The Bar Test

Ok, so you've gone to the bar eyeing of multiple different spirits and this catches your eye. Of course it does! It's shaped like a violin. Or maybe Napoleon. Nevertheless, you tell the bartender you want to give it a go with coke and this is what he gives you. A sweet kick to start it off followed by the almost caramel flavour that was in the shot. This flavour quickly evaporates and you don't experience a burn or much of an aftertaste.

You then bark back to the bartender regarding the flavour who says that this is not usually how you would drink brandy but you had requested it anyway. As fun as it was to try the spirit contained in the remarkably structured bottle, you have realised that maybe you should've tried it another way.



If you're not into aggressive spirits and maybe prefer something a little closer to wine then this could be the drink for you. Teichenné is obviously a premium drink given the shape of the bottle (which I can't stop myself from mentioning again); so if brandy is your thing then save this for a classy night.

We wouldn't pick it for something to drink on a night out but we wouldn't complain if it were given to us. That being said, we With Coke reviewers do not classify ourselves to be brandy drinkers but the Teichenné brandy goes down well.



1. Mostly just taste like the shot watered down. Still has a little burn to it.

2. The burn is pretty much gone already at this point. But you still have the brandy taste.

3. This here tastes like the bar test funnily enough. It's like a strange flavour of coke that shouldn't exist.

4. With four shots you have a glass of coke with a hint of brandy which is hard to find.



$76 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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