Gordon's London Dry Gin

Gordon's London Dry Gin

The Shot

It was tough to review this for me as the night before Arti and I went on a bit of a bender and found ourselves at a very nice Gin Bar (you can see our adventures from that night on our twitter @with_coke). We were served a large variety of fancy gin based drinks, so needless to say going from that to what was described to me by the others as "house gin" didn't have me jumping for excitement especially for a first time gin drinker like myself.

The smell can best be described as a cross of lemon or lime depending on what smell resonates more with you normally. The taste of the shot left you wondering what you just drank as the alcohol burn was nowhere to be found and no flavors jumped out at you. The most notable moment of testing came from taking another sniff in hopes to have something to note down, I found myself exclaiming:

Smells like a cactus, that's coming from someone who owns a cactus!

Besides the laughter and confused looks from everyone by my random outburst we were ultimately left unimpressed by the shot, hoping the bar test would lead us to something notable.


The Bar Test

Despite the introduction of coke, the aroma of lemon and lime was still the first thing to make itself known to us. Bubblez & Arti then proceeded to spend some time arguing on a mystery taste that they eventually were able to agree on as mint leaves. The combination of this smell + taste combination made the experience of drinking this sample quite refreshing and better suited for a warm summer day (rather than the cold that we were experiencing at the time).



I would stay clear of this particular gin if you intend to throw back shots with your friends to kick start a big night (I am sure you can get something much better for a little more money). However, if you are interested in a cheap summer drink that will go down easy with none of the burn other drinks would leave behind, I would definitely give this a go at least once.



1. The characteristics of the gin are mellowed and brought forward.

2. Reminiscent of lemonade, a definite improvement overall to just 1 part coke.

3. Oh....yum, diluted carbonated water. 

4. Really? You put gin in this? Are you sure?



$38 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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