The Shot

I got this: one word - liquorice. This is pretty much the entirety of the flavours encompassing the liquid as it's passing your lips; no real burn, no immense displeasure, just that classic liquorice taste. Though that may not be for everyone, this beverage is one smooth operator and really does go down without a hitch. This magical beverage will give you goosebumps as it leaves your mouth for the last time, but it also helps remind you of simpler times, smashing down reverse Jäger bombs (see recommendations) in a mates backyard or boosting your energy at the club.

The bottle also advises drinking ice cold. I'm not going to argue that, it does taste better, but you won't be sad if you forgot to refrigerate it before you shot it.


The Bar Test

Immensely flavoursome. Bloody amazing. None of us had actually tried Jägermeister with coke before, it really had never crossed our minds with the option of Jäger bombs gracing menus. If you haven't tried this, get your ass to your alcohol cupboard or if that fails, your nearest bar right now. This is something to behold. Interestingly, the liquorice flavour is nowhere near intense, allowing for beautifully smooth, rich and bold flavours to come through. Definitely a drink that's in its element served ice cold.



Try this with coke. Right now. Seriously. It is actually amazing. You could literally drink Jägermeister and coke for any occasion: birthday, funeral, uncle Jerry's house warming or anything in between. Big night or small night? No worries. You could probably trick your friends with the beautifully smooth taste on a fancy night.

Ice cold. All you need to remember when serving yourself some of this bad boy. Makes it taste wonders.

If you're getting tired of all that excitement, don't worry a refreshing Jäger bomb (Jägermeister shot dropped in an energy drink) will get you back on your feet, back on the dance floor or back on top.

Sobering up? Problem solved with a reverse Jäger bomb (cup of Jägermeister with a shot of energy drink).

That being said, energy drinks advise that you don't drink alcohol with them... so I'm going to advise to listen to them, either they know what they're talking about or they've been in trouble before! 


Hello world


  1. It's kind of fizzy, but no coke taste. You still better love liquorice. 
  2. Still kind of tastes like fizzy liquorice. If you like black Sambuca you'll enjoy yourself.
  3. Substantially weaker taste. Fizzy still. Ice cubes would have probably helped.
  4. Similar to bar test, but less of a smooth flavour, that we believe the ice brought out. This tasted pretty good at all levels on the coke-o-meter. 


$40 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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