Deadhead Rum

Deadhead Rum

The Shot

This bad boy definitely has a hell of a punchy smell. It really has a pleasant oomph to it. But funnily enough, as this pleasant Caribbean holiday passes your lips, touches your tongue, fills your mouth, passes the back of your throat and completes its journey, you'll notice that it has absolutely no aggressive flavours. This was exciting, heck it was a nice change from the whisky and absinth we have tried so far, which has all been very much in your face with their aggressive flavours. It was quite gentle and sneakily subtle: wondrous. 

The main flavours that we could identify here were earthy / woody, vanilla, some fruity notes and dark chocolate / cocoa. They nicely present themselves in a cheeky flicker / tickle on the way down. Very subtle tickle, reminiscent of a burn on the way down. Pretty cool though and none of the flavours take the front seat.


The Bar Test

There was a lot going on here. All of us tasted different flavours coming through and it was reasonably diverse. The alcoholic was taken on an adventure through the tropical rainforests of Brazil, finding a fruit basket style tingle, focusing maybe on passionfruit or blackberries. Our guest El Nico was washed ashore a deserted island to find where he found no fruity flavours, but instead a coconut flavour with some dark chocolate flavours. I personally parked my pirate ship on a beachside town in the Caribbean and found a mix of orange and vanilla flavours. We were all able to agree that there was like a molasses like sweetness present. 

The bar test itself was very gentle and beautifully smooth. There wasn't even a kick that snuck in to slap you in the face afterwards, instead you are left just simply feeling satisfied.



This is an ideal drink for a quiet night, kicking back and relaxing with some chill flavours mixed in with your coke. Perhaps on a beach, on a holiday or a night you're just catching up with friends you haven't seen in a long time where you don't want to get blind. 

That being said this drink goes down so immensely smoothly that you could fly through it on a big night. Definitely a refreshing way of getting blind. Probably would prefer to drink this with coke rather than shoot it, but it would definitely taste nice on the rocks.

I could also be satisfied having a fancy night on this lovely beverage, as it does taste like you have splashed out for the good stuff without spending an insane amount of money.



  1. Really just a nippy vanilla taste. Theres really no coke taste though. Definitely pleasant to drink.
  2. Sort of tastes like blackberry juice, still no coke taste though. Still nice and pleasant to drink, no complaints with this bad boy.
  3. There was a very slight fizz in this one that dissipates quickly, as opposed to the previous two. Mostly tastes flat still, but more of a watery flavour, rather than a juicy flavour.
  4. This one is substantially sweeter, still like a watery sweet flavour. All of the coke-o-meter tests taste quite nice, this is the first alcohol that has been a winner on all four levels!


$70 per 750ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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