Grant's Scotch Whisky

Grant's Scotch Whisky

If you know about Grant's you'll know that it is a cheap scotch and it is often looking right at you in the liquor store except you just don't ever see it. At least that was my experience when I first found it. 


The Shot

I tried Grant's for what I think was the first time today. I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it was a house scotch that I didn't enquire further about. First of all, a shot of Grant's does not smell pleasant. To quote Arti, "it smells like death." He was mostly right; but if you concentrated hard enough you could smell some fruity notes. Some people have identified this to be oatmeal and honey. I'm not so certain about this but I suppose everyone has their own scent of things.

The taste is in no way an enjoyable one. This is clearly not meant to be downed as a shot. It tastes like a dirty night out followed by a lingering burn to the throat. Maybe it had been very briefly dipped in an oak cast as there is almost no real taste to be had here besides the prolonging burn. 


The Bar Test

Now, I have tried to shed a new light on the bar test after clearly not enjoying the shot so much (as seen above). The coke definitely helps with drinking Grant's. It does help to bring out some flavour to what I presume is what is expected from this scotch. That is a hint of fruity and malty notes according to the bottle. But as far as I can put it; it just taste like your cheap house scotch. A uni student special. 



Now I normally do try to look for the good things about a drink and to find what I believe to be the best way to try it. For Grant's, maybe for a dirty night where taste isn't important to you. Maybe. There's  a reason I haven't bought a bottle of this before and why I don't remember trying it if I ever had. However to put simply,

Do you have money? If yes, do not buy :)
If no, go buy some cheap fruity cask wine instead.



1. There's the bad smell again. It's nasty. Did a cat die? The taste is just burn. With a dash of what used to be some nice coke. "Taste like an insult to my body" - Arti.

2. The coke definitely helps. Tastes fruity. There's still that same burn however.

3. The smell is gone after adding the third shot. So it's easier to drink besides. The burn is still lingering here though.

4. Not much of a burn here. Hooray! It smells like a scotch. Is that a nutty or malty flavour I can taste? Maybe here is how Grant's is meant to be had.



$31 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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