Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Before I get started I just want to say one thing. I highly doubt that Jameson will read this but just in case: BRING BACK CLOUDY APPLE. Or at least let me know where I can buy the remaining stock.


The Shot

Like the majority of the other whiskeys we have all tried there is definitely the alcohol burn as you shoot this. If you manage to move past that however you will be identify a unique taste that sets Jameson apart from its Kentucky counter parts. This uniqueness is also displayed in the aroma it gives off, the best way I can describe both the smell and taste would be a more gentle and subtle sweet Jack Daniels.  


The Bar Test

If you haven't had Jameson with coke before and you are a fan of Jim Beam, Jack Daniels or Maker's Mark I strongly suggest you grab some friends and head to a bar. It really is something everyone should try at least once. There is a smoothness that is unrivaled by any other whiskey to my knowledge when mixed with coke and somehow it manages this without being overly sweet. I would even comfortably recommend doubles to people who aren't big into drinking doubles and for our more "seasoned" drinkers: don't be afraid to go 50 50 with Jameson. It's not a harsh mistress like the others that may have broken your heart in the past.



Jameson is a great alternative to other whiskeys in a bar scenario, it often comes in at a lower cost to JD & coke but with a more refined taste to JB & coke. It really is an awesome drink and if I ever remember who suggested it to be so many years ago I will buy them a bottle. 

It isn't all sun shine and happiness though I want to issue a big WARNING: Do not drink Jack Daniels after drinking even a single Jameson & coke. I can't tell you why but for us at With Coke, for some reason JD just taste foul, like your taste buds have been altered temporarily. So be careful when deciding on Jameson because you're likely committing to it for the night.



1. Burn instantly smothered out and replaced with a smoother version of the shot.

2. Strong scent and a higher degree of flavour are brought forward as the coke becomes the dance partner to our superstar.

3. We peaked at 2, continuing at this point just brings you closer to the bar test. Much smoother obviously due to the increase in coke content.

4. Imagine that everything from 2 was moved to the back stage or the after show. It's no longer "Jameson, ft. Coke" it's now become the Coke show with special guest Jameson. 



$39 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.



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