A well known coffee liqueur; if you haven't heard or tried it before then... well... read this review. I mean you're already here so you may as well.


The Shot

It smells of coffee which is obviously something to expect from a coffee liqueur. It almost looks like a syrup and tastes like it too. A sweet coffee flavoured syrup that is. Whoever first created this liqueur really got the taste right. It's exactly what you'd want from a drink like this. 

It does however have a very sugary taste. Almost like a caramel lolly or a toffee was thrown in. This, with the overall coffee flavour, is then hit with a small aftertaste of vanilla which is definitely a plus for me.


The Bar Test

Kahlua is another one of those drinks that the typical person wouldn't have with coke. We are not that typical person and we are on a mission to find and tell you, the reader (or the possible typical person), what kind of drink you have been missing out on. 

Arti was struck with no words to describe this upon first tasting it. The original coffee flavour has definitely been diluted and overpowered by the coke and ice. It does however emphasise the sweetness of the coke. It's nice, that is if you were looking for a sweeter coke to drink. If you really concentrate there is the coffee flavour in the aftertaste as well as if your swishing it around in your mouth for longer than a normal person would.



If you like the flavour of coffee then you'll enjoy this as a shot or even mixing it in with your favourite cocktail. It's a liqueur, it's meant for cocktails; but look, if you really want to try a sweeter coke then be my guest. Maybe don't pay for it to be mixed with coke though.



1. You can instantly smell the coke and the coffee separately. It's very peculiar. Taste wise, it's like a 'juicy syrup' that's been watered down like a clown in the wrong part of town. (Sorry, couldn't resist adding that).

2. According to Arti it smells like caramel coffee or some form of caramel latte. I personally think it smells the same as earlier but I'm not much of a coffee drinker. There's more of a sugar taste here. It's like a coffee spider if that were a thing.

3. This taste like very sweet vanilla coke with a dash of coffee. Any alcohol that was there seems to have disappeared with the amount of coke that's added here. The pungent smell has also dissipated.

4. "OMG it's a sugary vanilla coke" - Arti, 2017. 



$25 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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