Patrón XO Café

Patrón XO Café

The Shot

Has that beautifully brutal, yet classic tequila scent that we all love, mixed with a lovely coffee smell which is probably closer to the scent of kahlua than actual coffee. 

This is a surprisingly smooth shot, I'd be surprised if you could even find a 'tequila-phobe' who was unable to drink this. The taste is mostly a pleasant syrupy coffee flavour, which does wonders to hide the majority of the shock factor that some people expect when shooting tequila. It does however, still pack a bit of a punch: so still expect chills, thrills and Sunday pills as goosebumps envelop you, usually after it leaves your mouth. Another bonus of having a shot of this is it looks rather spectacular in a fancy bottle, but you really don't pay that much.


The Bar Test

Though we have heard from bartenders in the past that tequila and coke is a travesty, which we won't deny for a moment, we still think it's an effective way to smash down a larger quantity of tequila fast it if you aren't the biggest fan of tequila shots. You know who you are, feel free to relive your "I couldn't drink tequila after..." story now. :) 

Patron XO Cafe tastes like what you would expect of Kahlua and coke, obviously though, this has a far more prevalent taste which actually hides the majority of the coke flavour. What you are left drinking essentially tastes like quite a sweet coffee syrup, which actually isn't bad, but it really doesn't feel like you're drinking alcohol. There's also nothing else to it, no shock, no burn, no goosebumps, no aftertaste, kind of like drinking an ice coffee full of sugar. 



This is a bloody amazing shot if you have plans to get drunk without spending too much, like a good shot, but want to avoid that awful taste in the mouth afterwards feel. You feel both happy and at peace with yourself after shooting this, it's like sleeping in on a weekday, but still waking up to your favourite coffee freshly prepared for you. Say you've just left your first exam early with heart wrenching feelings of failure following on your way out, wander over to your nearest bar and smash down a shot of your best friend Patron XO Cafe. You'll be feeling chipper and back on your feet in no time!

Don't really recommend drinking it unless you really hate alcohol, love coffee, but would like to still get drunk.... i guess. Definitely a great drink to get to that tipsy, floaty, happy place faster. Perhaps best utilised on a fancier night, but perfect for any night: big, cheap or small.



  1. Barely recognisable for a little bit upon touching your palate, however it rarely becomes a big syrup coffee taste with a little tequila in there, which eventually becomes a very minor burn on the way down. Not bad though: "Woohoo!"
  2. Smells like water and the tequila taste appears to have vanished. Tastes like a weird fizzy, syrupy coffee... Doesn't really mix very well.
  3. It is a scentless animal at this point. The very same beast tastes like a weaker version of the 2 shot, with a very watery aftertaste. Weird.
  4. Can smell coke, the scent-ual sweet spot appears to have disappeared. Very nice and smooth. Tastes like coffee syrup with coke, which isn't a bad thing.


$79 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.



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