Galliano: Vanilla

Galliano: Vanilla

The Shot

Ever tried Italian white chocolate? Don't worry about it you can just try this instead! It's almost the same thing except for being a liquid and that it can get you drunk. Oh and having just enough alcohol to give a burning taste to it. This burn is not pleasant but it does taste like white chocolate so if that's your thing then this will definitely work for you. It also smells like white chocolate. So even if you're not keen on trying the shot, give it a sniff so you can at least experience that 'woah, it totally does smell like that!' feeling. 


The Bar Test

If you were to go to your bar and ask for Galliano white with coke you may as well be asking for vanilla coke. It taste exactly like it except with more of a white chocolate aftertaste rather than vanilla.

That. Is. It. Nothing too crazy here. Funnily enough, there were similar tastes found with Kahlua after adding coke. Only difference is there's no white chocolate aftertaste. 



If you are Italian (or just want to be Italian, I mean they have good food too) then I've heard this goes well alongside a coffee. So even if coffee is your thing; give Galliano White a try with your next caffeine hit and see what you think.

For those illustrious drinkers out there or those who just like to try everything I recommend just a buying a bottle of vanilla coke if you're planning on mixing it with coke. It's a liqueur however, so if you're going to be making cocktails (or just having shots) and you love the taste of white chocolate then this is definitely for you. 



1. Strong smell of white chocolate. Too much vanilla with coke taste. Doesn't work. If anything it makes you hate it at this point as it ruins the flavour of both the coke and the Galliano.

2. Not a pleasant taste. Not as much of a pungent smell. 

3. Still smells like white chocolate of course! Not nearly as pungent here though. You can feel the vanilla coke taste starting to form.

4. Smells terrible. But it does however taste like vanilla coke! (What a surprise!)




$50 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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