The Shot

Lets just get this out of the way, in our notes this is mentioned at least 10 times throughout, when you try Cointreau you will immediately remember orange Tic-Tacs. Unfortunately if that isn't a taste for you but something sweet is what your looking for, I suggest you check out Jim Beam Apple

However if I still have your attention, lets take a stroll through the orange orchard. Whether its your tongue or your nose you will be greeted by the scent of orange, I wouldn't call it overwhelming but even I could taste it. While there is definitely the alcohol taste on entry and swallow, it's not overpowering compared to other drinks, even the weakest stomached individual wouldn't mind it. We all found the taste tended to linger around for quite a bit longer then your typical shot but it wasn't a negative experience, it reminded us slightly of the alcohol taste you get from whisky.


The Bar Test

If any of you remember "Coke Lemon" or have tried some other variety of fruit infused coke, this test will strongly give you the impression of "New Coke Orange" - something I definitely never asked for. If I did pitch it to you as Coke Orange and neglected to mention it contained alcohol the only way you would realise would be after 4 or 5 and you started to feel yourself swaying around.



It's hard to recommend Cointreau in any possible way other than skittle bombs. So I won't; don't waste your money at a bar on Cointreau and coke. Skittle bombs will keep you going longer (thanks to the Red Bull) and delivers the same amount of Cointreau with a much more interesting flavor (SKITTLES!) not to mention usually cost you the same.



1. A cheeky punch of citrus orange but with no follow through, resulting in a bland, boring experience.

2. Remember how I said "orange Tic-Tacs" well I hope you like the taste because it's at its peak here.

3. If you ever wondered what Fanta Tic-Tacs tasted like, this would be it!

4. The only time where you would taste coke then orange. If they were to release Coke Orange it would probably be with this taste ratio.



$49 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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