Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

The Shot

Here we are, first was Jack Daniels and then there was Jameson. Now we get to complete the holy trinity: Jim Beam. There is a noticeable smell as you go to take a taste of this amber liquid. Admittedly we hadn't shot JB before not that we can remember, this makes sense because compared to the other two members of the trinity there is no burn nor a lingering aftertaste. The ease of shooting this is likely due to the lower alcohol content (37%) compared to JD which is 40%. In terms of flavors there is a definite oak taste and we noticed a weird feeling on the back of the tongue 


The Bar Test

This is where the familiarity kicks in; as I mention in my prior Double Oak review JB was the first drink I tried and was what got me into drinking different spirits. To be critical however there is a blunt taste involved that is very one dimensional. This isn't a bad thing however a lot of people (me included) don't need to be told a story of flavor when we drink that would come with your more "fancy" whisky's. I am quite content with a good tasting, refreshing drink that comes at a reasonable price.  

Jim Beam also likes to overpower the taste of coke, which I will leave to you the reader to decide if that is a negative or positive. If you bought a bottle and intend to share some drinks with friends don't be afraid to increase your ratio to doubles if you want something with a bit more kick.



Why should you pick JB instead of JD or Jameson? Simple price if you are at a bar or at the bottle shop if your okay with a simpler, less alcoholic drink then definitely buy JB. Also if you don't fancy yourself a fan of the burn or after taste I would also pick Jim for your drinking needs.

I will also say that ordering Jim Beam at a busy bar is a nightmare, a lot of bartenders can't understand you too clearly over the noise and I haven't met one that will get "JB" refers to Jim Beam. 



1. Smell of pine wood boards, Arti swears its like fresh paper. Not much else stood out however.

2. Very apparent that this was 1/3 JB 2/3 coke. If I asked a stranger he would be able to tell I believe. Also much sweeter.

3. A more punchy bar test. Left a nice tingle in our cheeks.

4. Vanilla odor with a diminished JB taste and a strong coke taste.



$38 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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