Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

The Shot

Surprisingly, the smell of Wild Turkey was quite pungent and would almost make your eyes bleed as you inhale it. Moving past that, you can feel a tickle in your nostrils as it flows through, making sure your nose isn't left feeling jealous. Metaphors and fancy ways of describing the smell aside; the shot itself had definite toffee notes, however the watery nature was surprising considering the aroma. The term "more bark than bite" comes to mind and this dog lacked any form of teeth leaving only a faint oak aftertaste with little to no burn as it went down. 


The Bar Test

What was an oak aftertaste is now replaced with nothingness. I never realised how much I appreciated the different after tastes (good or bad) over these many reviews till I had this drink, I just felt like something was missing and it left me quite confused. However, the smell was that of the candy stores of the 70's that TV has taught me existed (right...?) which I wouldn't describe as overwhelming but a definite difference to the shot. For the tastes we could pick out, (and trust me, it was a challenge considering how weak they were) if you tried hard enough you could find a hint of oak in there somewhere.



Would I buy it at a bar? No, I don't ever see why I would. Would I buy a bottle to drink with friends? Yet again, I don't really think so. Would I drink it when I want a big night? Negative. There isn't anything I can really say that is redeeming about Wild Turkey, I don't care for it and neither did the others. I have never heard or seen anyone order it at a bar or at a bottle shop. I guess someone must buy it for them to still be in business but for the life of me I cant say who.



1. Watery liquid with no burn and zero punch. My notes have "Um, um" written here to begin with that is how uninspiring it was.

2. Strong toffee taste - reminiscent of werther's originals.

3. Very different to every other test due to a bitter buzz that zooms around your mouth

4. Nothing stand out at this point. Almost a copy of the bar test.



$42 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

Patrón XO Café

Patrón XO Café

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Galliano: Vanilla