The Shot

This lovely green liquid smells like a very sweet melon which matches it perfectly. It's just what you want when you have something this green. The taste also matches it; well, with added alcohol too of course. It's almost like a cough syrup but better due to the awesome colour of green and the rich 'melony' taste.


The Bar Test

Midori is a liqueur which isn't ordinarily mixed with coke but it's not like that ever stopped us. This Japanese salubrious liqueur that we utilised into our bar test brought out a flavour that was sadly not as exciting as we'd hoped. It is difficult to even taste the melon flavour unless you're actively looking for it and even then it's just not enough. Maybe if more Midori was added it could bring out a better taste? Unfortunately, that wouldn't be what you'd be given at the typical bar.



As stated above, don't order this with coke at a bar. Unless of course you know the bartender and convince them to give you more of that sweet melon nectar to mix with it. There's no punch from Midori that can often come from most spirits and liqueurs and there is just a delightful melon taste to it so definitely give it a try if you haven't before. Being a liqueur, I'd recommend you mix this in with what you like to make an illustrious cocktail. Or even just mix it with lemonade which supposedly taste like bubblegum. If that sounds like your 'strong cup of tea' then by all means have at it. 

If it's cocktails you're having this with then it's an excellent choice for a fancy night. It could also be fun for a big night too as it's fun to mix with different things and won't taste bad 80% of the time regardless of what mixers are used. Unless you have a poor choice in mixers which all I have to say to that is good night.



1. Smells like an icy pole (or a zooper dooper if you're from the Land Down Under). The taste is interesting though. It almost taste like cherry which is odd.

2. Smells like cherries/melon (mixed opinions here with Arti). It taste like Christmas! Yes you read that right. Give it a go. Have it at your next Christmas party. Keep it away from the kids though as I'm sure they'll be interested in trying out this new green drink. However after tasting it further it just taste like weak Midori so totally up to you what you decide to do with that info.

3. Very lightly 'melony' mostly 'cokey'. I'm sure you'd also agree with this upon trying it.

4. Taste the same as 3 except a little weaker in melon flavour and the fizz is more distinguishable. 



$34 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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