Jack Daniels: Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniels: Tennessee Fire

Lets get this out of the way, I am going to mention cinnamon a lot because it is the primary additive to this particular Jack Daniels so unsurprisingly it is the main taste. So take this as your warning.


The Shot

A very clear and noticeable smell is apparent as soon as your nose gets close to this amber liquid and states using its "inside voice" that this particular variety of Jack Daniels has cinnamon. Low and behold the taste confirms the smells story even if you pull it aside and interview them separately. The first real shocker for us however was the lack of the almost classic JD aftertaste that every JD product I have tried has present to a varying degree.

Out of respect for my colleague I will mention a point he brought up during this test. However if you think Arti is crazy for tasting this as our readers you are allowed to throw mean hurtful insults his way (I look forward to seeing your best insults on twitter @with_coke. Arti informed me that indeed Jack Daniels: Tennessee Fire has "HINTS OF BANANA".


The Bar Test

The old Jack (Mr. Daniels to most) has been replaced by his twice over third nephew who just so happens to be called Jack also. The classic after taste is still missing in the bar test as well as all the other flavor notes that I and frequent JD drinks will note. Despite the introduction of coke a sweet cinnamon taste and scent is still very much so on display here. The initial taste was almost overpoweringly sweet almost in a pure sugar sense, best described as similiar to the taste of brown sugar.



Anyone who has read my reviews on other "fun" varieties of classics such as JD or JB know that I find it hard to recommend these gimmick varieties. However if your on the hunt for something different I think Jack Daniels: Tennessee Fire is a great buy, I get the impression more effort was put into it then the other varieties mainly due to the heavy advertising campaign but also due to not lazily being regular JD + something. If you want a conversation starter or want to shoot something that maybe isn't as hard on the throat I would also recommend this drink.



1. All cinnamon, all the way through.

2. The sweetness starts  to intensify with the cinnamon taste being a secondary player here.

3. Brown sugar levels of sweetness on both the taste buds and the nose

4. You've gone and ruined it, leaving yourself with the equivalent of a tea spoon of cinnamon in a cup of coke.



$48 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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Licor 43