Absolut Citron

Absolut Citron

The Shot

Expected to have citrus flavours obviously, but what kind of citrus are we talking about? Upon tasting the shot we were overwhelmed with some sort of citrus smell. I know right? Surprise, surprise. But if we had to narrow it down we'd guess orange. Trying the shot we can definitely confirm that it is orange which can only really be tasted in the aftertaste. The shot itself is strange as you expect it to be strong with a punch of alcohol hitting you, but it just... doesn't. Even in the initial tasting it feels like it's supposed to burn you at some point. The only thing you have here is that orange flavour which will stick to your mouth and remain there for a few minutes unless you have something else to wash it down with.


The Bar Test

Now I know I said earlier that this spirit taste like orange but as the bar test this taste very similar to lemon coke. Well the initial taste at least. The aftertaste takes you back to the orange flavour experienced in the shot. It's crazy but it's refreshing. Again, the orange flavour is going to be stuck to your mouth for a while; even if it is mixed with coke. Personally, I don't mind it. If it's a hot day this will go down a treat.



Seems like a fun drink as a shot if that's what the time calls for. Otherwise, try this with a good ratio of coke (see coke-o-meter below). You really want a nice amount of that citrus flavour. If you're just grabbing this at the bar with coke it should be fine. Goes well if you're looking for something refreshing. Don't forget the ice!



1. With 1 shot of coke this drink smells exactly like lemon dishwashing liquid which isn't really a good thing. The taste makes you wince, bad. I tried to quote The Alcoholic who tried this first and it was something along the lines of 'ULRGHLRLGLHR'. Absolut Citus does NOT go well when equally mixed with coke.

2. It's a LOT better after adding more coke. Smells more like lemon coke than dishwashing liquid but there isn't really much of a taste to it except until the strong aftertaste. 

3. The flavour is weak here. The smell however, reminds me of a Dry Vermouth. Could it be used as a replacement? I doubt it.

4. Just a weak lemon coke here. Nothing special.



$45 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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