Absolut Vanilla

Absolut Vanilla

The Shot

After trying Absolut Citron we expected the same deal with Absolut Vanilla, sure enough even while pouring, the strong smell of vanilla radiated from the bottle into our noses much more intense then Galliano Vanilla. With this strong indicator we began to joke with one another pretending like we didn't know what this would taste like, boy were we wrong.

Upon trying this shot it had a very-very strong flavour unfortunately it's not vanilla that we tasted nor was it the strong taste of alcohol. What we could taste caused us all to wince and scrunch our face up in disgust. To summarise without the use of more aggressive adjectives: it wasn't good, it was a strong overwhelming taste of horribleness. The alcohol burn is a tiny spark that disappears quicker than the time it took to appear. 


The Bar Test

If you have ever bought a knock off brand of Vanilla Coke, I would suspect this is what that would taste like. There's a vanilla taste, there's a coke taste, if you expected anything more I don't know a) what to tell you now & b) what else you would expect. 

"But The Alcoholic, why are you even writing a review then?" Well here's the crazy thing each mouth full of this drink made it taste gradually better. Eventually, after awhile it became something worth drinking. It was like the flavors were building up within your mouth with each subsequent taste building upon the previous.



I wouldn't buy this to drink because I wanted some vodka that taste like vanilla. However, if I was intending to make some fancy drinks or cocktails that needed to smell like vanilla without impacting the other tastes too heavily this would be right up my alley. Absolut recommend drinking this with soda and orange however unfortunately for them this isn't WithSoda so I will leave that to others to back that up.



1. That smell is still great and the taste is still bad unfortunately, this ratio did nothing special. 

2. Linear improvement in taste, we're getting there maybe 3 or 4 will be the summit of the mountain!

3. Day 3, summit continues to allude us, we are running out of food and water. The trip continues to improve at the same rate and I can still smell vanilla but I just want to plant my flag and move on.

4. Everything that was said in 1 - 3 however imagine now that there was a fizz (Thanks for doing your job finally Coke) that does improve the taste to what I guess will have to be the peak for now.



$45 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

Glenfiddich 15

Glenfiddich 15

Absolut Citron

Absolut Citron