Glenfiddich 15

Glenfiddich 15

In this review we welcome our latest guest reviewer: Fat cat! On to the review!


The Shot

This is quick to tickle your nostrils as soon as you pour the lovely amber liquid from its beautiful bottle. Its exudes a scent like a wonderfully amalgamated mix of sherry, citrus and oak / dry wood, but at the same time it shows a hint of smokiness. To quote fat cat: " it smells homely, like returning to your cabin after a long day of hunting". It is quite pleasant, but very domineering and quite intoxicating. 

As soon as the liquid passes your lips it makes itself known, its shocking, but not in a bad way. The main flavour we found was a kind of sherry flavour, supported by a spicy sweetness that was quite pleasant to drink. There a moments when you feel like a christmassy / fruit cake taste sneak into the mix, but it is definitely a backseat flavour to the sherry. The aftertaste is once again mainly sherry and very sweet and most definitely pleasant.


The Bar Test

I actually didn't enjoy this as much as the shot test. Here the coke and shot taste great individually, sure, but they don't mix that well together here. Its what I would imagine you'd get if you mixed wine with coke - punchy alcoholic sweetness, with a separate sweet coke flavour that doesn't mesh together with the added aspect of fizziness. However, if you continue to push through you do become accustomed to the taste and is definitely drinkable: smokey and sweet with a sherry aftertaste, but that seemed to be once the fizz disappeared. It does continue to taste better with every sip, but I dare say its still more enjoyable neat. As the ice melts a citrus flavour kind of appears, which is cool.



We definitely recommend that you either have it neat or on the rocks, depending on what you personally prefer. It is nicer chilled, but there is no issue drinking it warm. Drinking it with coke is definitely a choice, but I mean if that's who you identify as, you do you - we would probably say at least try it neat first. 

Unless you rocking the riches, you would probably reserve this for fancy nights or classy celebrations. It's quite nice, especially if you like a sweeter taste with hints of woodiness, smokiness and just a hint of spice.



  1. Really brings out the smokiness in the scent, with oakiness coming second and sherry taking the back seat. It was fizzy in an odd way and tasted like an oaky, spice and somewhat watery liquid. Not overly pleasant at this ratio.
  2. Sherry once again becomes the main focus of the scent, with the other notes present, but not that obvious. Really just tastes like spiced coke at this point, which to be honest - tastes quite interesting. I don't think id drink it very long though. There is still oaky and sherry flavours, but they primarily come out in the aftertaste as the coke and spiciness disappears.
  3. Mostly smells like coke at this point, unsurprisingly. Really kind of tastes like smokey coke, there is still a punchy sweetness hiding in the background, but its all about the smokiness here.
  4. Sherry and coke combines to create the scent, which is kind of mellow and swell. All the flavours are very mellowed, more so than the bar test so the ice definitely makes a big difference. Sherry, coke and smokiness combine to create a very interestingly quite taste that really isn't too bad to be honest. The fact its not too aggressive really helps you enjoy it more, but you don't really taste all the flavours at once. There is a sneaky dry woodiness that appears in the aftertaste a little bit after consumption.


$115 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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