Old Virginia Bourbon Whiskey

Old Virginia Bourbon Whiskey

The Shot

While the shot had a "cheap" smell to it there were definite scents of a strong sweet bourbon striving to come out in your mouth. The sweet notes continue to come through tingling your taste buds, what follows from there is an incredibly long and strong alcohol burn that chases those sweet notes all the way down your throat. While as a shot this was what we would call "not ideal" the positive elements like the smell and familiar bourbon taste it left us hopeful for the bar tests.


The Bar Test

Our suspicions are indeed correct the taste was similar to Jim Beam and coke. As people who quite enjoys Jim Beam this drink was quite refreshing and familiar. A sweet bourbon afterglow is the main flavor that we were able to identify however the smell was very much muted by the coke.



If you are looking for a nice cheap night with coke you could go much worse off then Old Virginia. If you find yourself with a bit more money then usual I would make the leap to Jim Beam but you aren't missing out on much if you decide to stick with this. I will definitely considering this an option from now on next trip to the store.



1. The coke hides most of the burn. Resulting in a shot that actually tastes really nice and brings out the woody flavors of the bourbon

2. Not as good as the 1:1 ratio, the balance is thrown off due to the increase of coke

3. Essentially the bar test but with no ice. If you want sweetness from your drink this is the ratio fro you!

4. The bourbon pops its head out as a momentary after taste but if you didn't know better you would be fooled for a cup of coke



$37 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.



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