The Shot

Now for a hazelnut flavoured liqueur this smells extremely hazelnutty. I am impressed on how strong the smell is. If you're a fan of this flavour or even something like nutella then you'll already be excited to taste some of this dashing liqueur. The taste is exactly what you want from a hazelnut liqueur. It's the delicious hazelnut which is really not strong at all. Checking the bottle, this only has an alcohol content of 20% so it's no wonder there's no kick to it.


The Bar Test

Straight of the bat (or glass in this case), you are only tasting the hazelnut flavours after the coke. That is, the Frangelico can only be really noticed in the aftertaste which will linger in your mouth for quite some time. The coke however, which you're initally tasting, is much sweeter which also adds to the flavour in a way. It's weird but I like it. 4 Bubblez out of 5! If bubblez were a type of rating. 



To put it simple, if you like the flavour then you will love Frangelico. Mixing it with coke might not be the best way to have this liqueur but as a shot it's tasty. The Alco personally does not like hazelnut so testing this wasn't pleasant for him; however he did like the shot. So I suppose  if you know someone that doesn't like hazelnut, give them a shot of this anyway! 

Frangelico is typically added to cocktails to give them a more nutty flavour which certainly works in many drinks I've tried in the past.



1. Strong hazelnut taste with a small amount of fizz as expected. This does not taste good at all. Do not drink.

2. Thankfully, the taste is better than the one shot of coke. By the way these all have that lovely hazelnut aroma which I still love even if the taste isn't great.

3. The taste here works. It's like the bar test but everything blended together. None of this only aftertaste business. It's tasty.

4. The hazelnut flavour here is disappearing. Mostly coke but with the same hazelnut smell. Go back to three shots!



$42 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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