Sweet Vermouth Martini Rosso

Sweet Vermouth Martini Rosso

The Shot

The smell that came off this shot was an assault on the nostrils that reached to the far reaches of your nostrils. If the smell didn't serve as a warning to you that this wasn't something you should be drinking (or maybe your just crazy like us) then after trying even a small amount of this will leaving you wishing you had gone home early and never even heard about this.

The best way to describe this is coke syrup that has been left in the sun too long. There was a sickening flavor of overdue candy and I hope you can tolerate being forced to experience this for the next 10 minutes in the after taste. After the 2nd or 3rd occurance I found myself drive heaving and feeling very ill (much to Arti's amusement).  


The Bar Test

I found myself having to chase this down with coke after every sip. Having the flavor linger at all was a traumatic experience and even as I write this view it makes my stomach rumble and knot up. 

The vermouth kills any and all fizz of the coke within seconds and leave the strong scent that was present from the shot. The taste can be best described as bad cough syrup, like the stuff your parent's made you drink when you were 8 years old. If you wanted more of the "fun" after taste then have no fear it's present in the bar test as well....at least it doesn't last 10 minutes.




We honestly found no redeeming qualities about this drink in ANY of it's forms. It is used to add a particular smell to drinks and isn't normally being drank. Use it for it's intended purpose don't use it for drinking.



1. At this point my brain had associated the smell to the horrid taste and my mouth refused to even swallow this drink. Arti has noted that at one point I said "That tastes rancid". Avoid this like the plague. This particular ratio adds additional layers of flavor however they are all as bad as the other.

2. More of a cola flavor but essentially the same as the previous ratio.

3. Similar to the bar test however it has none of the initial taste but all of the after taste.

4. I continued to cringe but at least some small fizz remains but the flavor of Vermouth still is overwhelming.



$13 per 1L bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.