Prepare yourself, this chocolate cream liqueur may not be for the faint of heart or the nurser of drinks. Coke and this do not amalgamate. This is not something that the fusion dance or earrings from Dragonball Z could help with. They separate further the longer they are left, so watch out.


The Shot

Definitely the best part of this review was found here at the shot stage. This literally just smells like milk chocolate or chocolate yogurt, which is great. But the fun doesn't stop there. Upon shooting this your mind will instantly dream of eating yo-go gorilla chocolate yogurts and chocolate milk that you demolished as a youngster. It's pretty bloody amazing, it probably won't get you drunk, but it tastes great. There is a very minor almost unrecognisable tingle at the back of your throat though, that tries to remind you that you are in fact drinking alcohol.


The Bar Test

Looked very similar to a coke float or a spider. If you poked a straw in and had a sip you didn't taste the alcohol, that was just coke. The alcohol had taken the first flight out of there, but that had just left it stranded as a fizzy, frothy mess atop the coke. A slight saving factor to the appearance (which isn't that bad if you were expecting a spider rather than an alcoholic beverage) is that the drink still remarkably still smells exactly the same as a lovely milk chocolate children snack.

Drinking it is interesting we guess. You get the flavours in layers, because quite frankly the drink itself is in unplanned layers. These layer continue to become more distinct the longer you leave it to sit as well. Firstly, you get the taste of a chocolate moose, which is lovely and smothers your face. This is followed by coke. Let's face it though, because there is only a shot of coke in the bar test, you are eventually just going to be left with a glass full of coke and ice as you'll finish the mozart off the top pretty early on. If this is what you want though, go for it! If you leave the coke behind between drinks, its basically like doing a lot of shots without looking like an alcoholic!



If you want a very chill, delicious shot, go for it - it tastes amazing. Probably wouldn't do too many of them or shoot them too late in the night, but we won't stop you: you do you. We probably recommend having this is cocktails as that is where it shines, but unless your after a mess of separation or a spider, probably don't get it with coke.

Definitely more ideal for a fancy cocktail night.



  1. Looks similar to overdue milk, but smells lovely. Tastes like fizzy chocolate milk.
  2. The pleasant chocolate smell is kind of lost here, but it kind of tastes like a coke spider. Not as good as the bar test, which we didn't rate highly, but not the worst.
  3. Quite an odd fusion, if you can call it a fusion. The flavours kind of combine to make a weird chocolate - coke hybrid hell bend on enslaving humanity and somewhat destroying all of your tastebuds. Definitely not a winner, but we've tried worse.
  4. Sediment layer well formed on top of the coke, which we could conclude probably had all of the Mozart in it. Smell and taste were both awfully spiteful and full of dread and regret. Quite unpleasant, would not recommend, the ice in the bar test definitely helped. Without the ice this really doesn't have anything putting in a good word or any effort to save it, it's just an all out war between the Mozart and the fleeing Mozart.


$34 per 500ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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