Triple Sec

Triple Sec

The Shot

If you've ever tried Triple Sec before you'll know that it can smell just like an orange peel. That is, there is a heavy citrus smell to it. It's appeeling. Tasting the liqueur brings a sickeningly sweet taste to the mouth with really no alcohol burn at all. It's smooth. If you didn't know exactly what it was you were drinking you might think it to be some sort of cordial syrup that wasn't as sugary.  That said you probably shouldn't mix it with water like a cordial.


The Bar Test

This is almost indistinguishable from normal coke besides from some added sweetness. It's smooth. There is also not much fizz but this may be due to the added ice. Honestly, it really isn't bad. I would be happy to drink this if someone handed it to me. It's just easy to drink with its smooth texture. 



Sometimes skittle bombs can be made using Triple Sec rather than Cointreau. It's usually a cheaper alternative. But other than that when else do you drink Triple Sec? (Well besides cocktails) You can drink it with coke! Make it a thing! Seriously. Go to the bar and order it. It's probably cheaper compared to most other drinks and it's tasty too. 



1. Tastes like an orange type of coke. Really not your average coke. The orange peel smell is also here.

2. Better taste than 1. Can barely taste much of the Triple Sec flavour.

3. Any smell is diminished here but the coke is very sweet. Tasty.

4. You're only tasting coke here. Any taste of Triple Sec is gone.



$24 per 500ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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