Outer Space Vodka

Outer Space Vodka

The Shot

If you thought this shot was going to be "out of this world" then you would be unfortunately mistaken. While this may be down to the lack of expertise in what makes a good vodka taste but for these whiskey drinkers it was nothing to call your friends about. Aside from an initial spark of a alcohol burn on the initial taste it was actually quite smooth for the remainder of the experience. The potent 40% alcohol volume also left us with a warm feeling in our inner cheeks and mouth despite long finishing trying this shot.


The Bar Test

This was the biggest shocker, we were all expecting a plane tasting watered down coke taste that left us bored and speechless in a bad way. However what we experienced was a tangy cordial like taste with a lot of the sweetness removed from the standard coke taste. I actually found this quite refreshing and even found myself having some additional mouthfuls after the tasting had finished which is high praise coming from my taste buds and appetite for alcohol.



Compared to the other vodkas we had tried over the past few weeks I would definitely prefer this unless I was looking for some "gimmick" flavor. I think the bottling on what is just a five-times distilled vodka (the easily recognizable alien head) is what will be the main appeal for shooting this when your out for a big night. However if you are looking for a clean, easy to drink vodka to pair with your coke then at least from what we have tried so far you can't go wrong with Outer Space Vodka. At the very least this bottle will make an interesting talking point on any alcohol enthusiast's shelf that may come in handy at some point for some interesting cocktails.



1. A worse experience to the straight shot, it's like the two liquids are at war (of worlds) at the cost of the human race.

2. Unfortunately this ratio falls short of the ideal ratio that was obtained in the bar test however a definitely improvement on the prior combination.

3. A slight improvement on the bar test, we found it had a lot of the great characteristics of the bar test.

4. Watered down coke, not much fizz from the coke or a taste difference.



$65 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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