Absolut Apeach

Absolut Apeach

The Shot

The second you start pouring this vodka you can just smell the sweet peach aroma. Which smells amazing by the way. I think my favourite part of the flavoured Absolut vodkas (such as Absolut Vanilla and Absolut Citrus) is the smell and it really gets you excited about what you're on the way to tasting. Sadly, the taste of Absolut Apeach is BAD. Initial impressions consist of an 'ughhrghe' and leaves you searching for a drink to help clear the taste. This is clearly not meant to be shot as your excited high hopes are quickly diminished and taken away only to be replaced with disgust and disappointment. 

Now surely this is supposed to be mixed with something else so hopes were raised again to try it with coke.


The Bar Test

The bar test thankfully makes up for what was experienced earlier. It's nice.  Well nicer than the shot at least. There's a small taste of peach with the coke which I suppose would be great for the peach fans out there. Personally, for me it probably isn't going to be something I'd want to try again. I just don't think peach is a taste that goes particularly well with coke after trying this but if you think otherwise then by all means give it a try and let me know what you think. 



Repeating what was said earlier: Do NOT shot. Unless you're giving it to someone else as a joke. I probably wouldn't recommend this with coke. Similar to Absolut Vanilla, the aroma of the vodka is amazing so use it to create a fancy cocktail that not only looks good but smells good too!



1. Smells great! The taste not so much. Kind of expected really after going through the above if you were reading. The small amount of coke hasn't created any secret flavours. 

2. The smell and taste here is pretty much the same here.  We are not ceiling fans.

3. It taste better at this point! However it does somehow taste like nothing with fizz. This may be due to the flavour from the previous points sticking to the mouth and clinging there for life. 

4. The taste seems to slowly improve as you add more coke. Keep adding more coke if you like but you'll probably end up drowning the original flavour of the vodka altogether. 



$45 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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