Absolut Raspberri

Absolut Raspberri

The Shot

By now we were very cautious when it comes to Absolut and it's misleading smells, despite that we all hoped Raspberri would be different. Like the others the aroma was strong and hit our noses the second it left the bottle filling us with hope that like our noses our mouths would be filled with the flavors of raspberries.

Unfortunately like the vodka that came before it we were let down immediately. While there was little to no alochol burn at any point throughout the tasting the flavors didn't match up to the smell (a common theme anyone who has read the other Absolut reviews will note). The initial taste was tolerable but the aftertaste was that of nightmares.


The Bar Test

Imagine cherry coke, now imagine it with an almost bitter taste to it; that is what the bar test was for us. I didn't mind it especially compared to the shot, it's something I wouldn't be mad if I accidentally ended up with this while I was out drinking one night. Bubblez commented that it reminded him of red candy frogs but without the sweetness that confectionaries have from the sugar.



If you happen to have a bottle of Absolut Raspberri laying around and don't know what to do with it you could do a lot worse than having it with some coke. I would even suggest buying a small bottle to try with coke for the people who love qwerky flavors in their mixed drinks. Unfortunately I wouldn't shoot this on a big or small night, maybe as a punishment or prank on a mate hoping they take it in good spirit.



1. Good smell, bad taste (shocking) however at least it tastes somewhat like raspberries

2. Quite similar to the initial tasting approaching a more "side-kick" role to the coke.

3. Slightly "aged" cherry coke...

4. Coke that smells like raspberries. If that's appealing to you I would recommend it!

So over the last couple weeks we covered 4 different flavors of Absolut Vodka. The three of us aren't big vodka drinkers as you may of guessed based off the reviews early on. So I am sure readers with a greater understanding and appreciation for vodka are yelling at their screens in a fit of rage, I think the new drinker experience is important for a product and I hope this content and future content that is outside our comfort zone proves useful to similar individuals.



$45 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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