Creme De Menthe

Creme De Menthe

Prepare yourself for a powerful taste of mint - we don't think you'll be too surprised by the shot review, but what do we recommend? And how does it taste with coke? Here's the place to find out!


The Shot

Smells an awful lot like someones breath after they have smashed down a few packets of Mentos Peppermints in preparation for a date, but that's good because you're here looking for a minty taste - right? It also has a cool like nuclear green colour that really makes you think spearmint.

Has quite a syrupy texture, but literally just tastes like liquified mint. Somewhere between peppermint and spearmint. It's quite lovely and stays with you and because of the aftertaste it really feels like you've just had a few mints. It doesn't really change your breath too much though, maybe if you chugged a fair bit of it, it would.


The Bar Test

The addition of coke an ice to the scent of mint makes it smell quite refreshing, yet still immensely minty. It's like a completely different experience, while still essentially being the same. The creme de menthe gave the coke a lovely green tint as well.

The taste kind of comes in three stages. The initial taste is somewhat watery, as the mint suppresses the taste of the coke. The second stage feels like the taste of coke appears, but the taste of mint is more prevalent. Finally, the taste of mint continues to ramp up until the taste of coke evaporates and all that remains is the powerful taste of mint, very reminiscent of the shot as if it has lost no power, just time. This actually tastes quite nice and wouldn't be too bad to drink if you just wanted to chill out without getting to wrecked.



Definitely a liqueur with the plan to be infused in a cocktail, which is what is most likely excels at the most, but damn - try this with coke, you might just enjoy yourself! A shot of this is also incredibly easy to drink, so why not! As an added bonus, if you drink enough your breath gets a little minty!

Probably not a necessary addition on a big night, but definitely a plus in cocktails on a fancy night or with coke / in a shot on a quite night chilling with friends or even at a bar.


  1. Smells the same as the shot did funnily enough. Mostly tastes the same as the shot, but with a like watery taste as it rolls over your lips rather than syrupy taste.
  2. Smells literally like two separate scents in a cup, the coke and then the mint, they don't really combine, but it makes it smell kind of cool. Tastes weaker than the first one, but still powerfully mint, but starting with a fizzy coke like flavour as it graces your tastebuds.
  3. Interestingly, the mint overpowers the coke scent more at this level than the two shot level. This one sees both flavours combine perfectly, creating a taste of mint similar to that of eating an eclipse mint, probably closest to the peppermint flavoured one, with just a hint of fizziness.
  4. The coke and mint scents separate again and smell very similar to the two shot test, with both scents side by side rather than combined. You can taste the coke and mint together here, pretty much at the same level for a little bit until the mint flavour once again completely overpowers, similar to the bar test.


$24 per 500ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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