Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort is classed as a whisky liqueur so don't expect the same whisky flavours that you'd find in other hard liquors. 


The Shot

This interesting liquid smells lovely while it's being poured into a glass with its sweet aroma. The initial taste is also sweet. Very sweet if you weren't expecting it. It feels like there's a lot of sugar there and reminds me of the pink cough medicine that I used to have as a kid (which is a good thing; that stuff tasted amazing for medicine).  Don't worry about having much of a burn with this sweetness either as there's really not much of a kick here. 


The Bar Test

After the shot test above, here we tasted exactly what was expected. That is, something sweet and sugary with coke. Personally, I love a good SoCo and coke but Arti thinks otherwise and thinks it tastes like ginger beer. Arti can be strange sometimes. But seriously, if you have never had this drink before then definitely give it a go. It goes great with coke if you're ordering this from a bar.



It's a good shot and it goes well with coke. It's incredibly sweet and if that's what you're into then this is for you. In the past I've usually had my SoCo with lemonade which also works amazingly well. Overall it's an amazing drink and you could probably have it mixed with almost anything. Chuck it in your smoothie! See how it goes and let me know.



1. First shot of added coke is not great. Smells good though. Gingerbread?

2. It feels stronger here. Almost taste musky. Almost like a real whisky!

3. Beginning to reach that only coke taste point. Taste like a lolly that you wish wasn't in your mouth for so long.

4. It's like sweeter coke here. Not an entire SoCo taste. Again like a lolly.



$37 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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