Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Rum

The Shot

The smell can only be described as average if not an ethanol smell if I had to provide a comparison. The taste didn't provide a different experience unfortunately, a positive was definitely the clean taste with a small burn afterwards. While normally this is where I would go into how disappointed I was due to the boring nature, given the combinations my taste buds had to endure over the last fortnight it was a refreshing experience to not want to vomit after this shot.


The Bar Test

The rum easily cut through any carbonation in the coke dulling down the coke flavours. We all found that the Bacardi was only noticeable for the small period of time right as the drink touched your tongue afterward the only identifiable taste was coke. There really wasn't any additional tastes of before during or after which makes it really hard to describe the experience. I didn't hate Bacardi with coke but at the same time I didn't love it.



I wouldn't buy this at a bar or bottle shop, I wouldn't even own a bottle if it wasn't for Bubblez deciding it was more advantageous of him to leave it with me then take it. I'm not annoyed that I got a free bottle however, I can see myself using it to make some pretty strong drinks and weird mixes for friends in the future plus if a friend didn't know what I wanted at a bar and bought me this I could drink it easily without being to offended. It's also has 40% alcohol volume (like Jack Daniels) which means it will have the same big night effects as many of my favourites.



1. Improvement on the smell however the taste can only be described as...overwhelming

2. This was a good ratio for us, it wasn't the coke song with a 5 second mini solo from Bacardi. It was more like a 5 minute duet with your favourite singer coke and guest star Bacardi.

3. The typical Bacardi initially followed by a rush to only coke was the unfortunate fate of this combination.

4. All the fizz, all the coke none of the Bacardi



$34 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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