The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

The Shot

Once you get passed the alcoholic edge to the scent, your nostrils are shown a whole new world full of a caramel and mixed with like treacle or molasses. It gives me island-y vibes whenever I sniff it and that's a nice plus for me, it has a very pleasant scent.

The first thing you can taste when it hits your tongue is spice. Just spice, but then it becomes a sweet flavour, like caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, molasses and perhaps even cherry, just to name a few. In short there is a lot going on when you shoot this, but it somehow works. Every time you take another sip, you can identify a different flavour more specifically, so keep trying it and see if you can find which flavour you like the most. A very smooth rum to shot it doesn't even really linger too much, or give an alcohol burn. It leaves you with a very faint vanilla/caramel/cherry like mix of an aftertaste which is very pleasant and you probably wish it would stay longer than it does. You know it's a good shot when you are happy to drink more!

The colour of this shot is actually quite cool as well, it is quite a rich, deep black colour, until you swirl it around and hold it up to the light, where you may discover it to become a dark brown / caramel kind of colour. It honestly just makes it look appetising. 


The Bar Test

It smells refreshing above all and still gives that Caribbean island vibe. The notable scents we were able to put a name to would be a cross between caramel, vanilla and cherry. From the second it touches your lips, you know you are in for a treat, no dastardly surprises, but you can already taste a hint of Kraken. Its not potent, but instead smooth, however it does mostly overpower the coke. Which lets be honest, since it really brings out the flavour profile of kraken and completely removes what little note of an alcohol burn was present, that it what we want.

With no lingering aftertaste at all except for perhaps a quite little niggle of cherry and vanilla in the background, the kraken offers a unique and sensual experience. The main flavours you'll feel when drinking it is cinnamon, caramel / molasses / sweet flavour, vanilla and a hint of cherry. There are definitely other spices that are more difficult in the background however that you feel rise and fall with every sip you take. This is quite a complex drink and if you really hunt for flavours you seem to keep finding them. I personally think vanilla and cherry seem to be the best two, to describe the main bulk of the taste, but we feel like this may be interpreted quite different from person to person with the range of flavours present. We definitely recommend you give this a try.



The Kraken Rum is one of my two favourite rums to drink, if you are looking for a dark spiced rum to drink I definitely say give this a try! I honestly would say drink it however you like: as a shot, with coke or even in one of the many cocktails that it can be utilised in. It even goes alright with ginger beer.

This is a slightly more expensive drink to have at a bar however, so it you are looking to have a cheaper night perhaps avoid this. It doesn't carry the premium price tag, but it is definitely above the normal price range. If you are willing to spend that little bit extra though, I definitely recommend it!



  1. The alcohol part to the smell still exists at one shot of coke, but hey it still smells great. Predominately vanilla smelling. The taste appears to be mostly cinnamon with only one shot of coke, which is interesting and it makes it taste strangely similar to doing a shot of Fireball or Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire.
  2. Quickly enough, the island / refreshing scent of the bar test is basically the same as this. A positive sign before you even drink it. Tastes like caramel and vanilla in the mouth and has a weird cinnamon hit as you swallow.
  3. The smell doesn't change, but it taste more refined and smoother that it does at two shots of coke. I would prefer this one to the two shots of coke.
  4. Smells a lot weaker at this point, but still refreshing. Smooth, smooth and oh so smooth, but the taste is starting to diminish, the primary flavour is a mix between vanilla and cherry with almost no aftertaste other than a subtle cherry tone. Still spectacular and reminiscent of the bar test, but strangely not the same. This suggests the ice in the bar test makes a huge difference, but hey both taste really good. The cinnamon flavour is very quiet in the four shots of coke test though.


$59 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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