Cinzano Rosso

Cinzano Rosso

This right here is definitely NOT something that would be typically be had with coke. But someone had to try this sweet vermouth with coke so here it is!


The Shot

First off, the smell; it's like a dessert wine which is nice. This is a good thing. Remember this good thing because the taste is definitely not good at all. Upon knocking this vermouth down into your mouth you will instantly regret what you have just done. It's almost like a syrup for creating wine. If that peaks your interest then by all means give it a go. A whole bottle of this "syrup" is about the same price as a cheap wine so don't expect to pay much for it. However, you have been warned regarding it's taste.

It turns out the actual flavours Cinzano Rosso are aiming for are nutmeg and orange peel which can definitely be distinguished in the smell. The taste not so much. Obviously these flavours arise with the mixing of other drinks.  

Our lovely friend The Alcohol believes this smells like bad memories. These bad memories can be found here: Martini Rosso which is another sweet vermouth.


The Bar Test

This somehow smells like nothing. I thought it would still have the dessert wine scent or even that of the nutmeg and orange peel but no. There seems to be a taste to match this nothingness which I wouldn't call a good thing. Also, the fizz and sweetness of the coke seems to have disappeared after mixing the drinks together. Arti thinks it tastes like a mouldy cherry which is still "better than the other vermouth" according to him. 



Never drink. Ever. Which is something I would never say about new drinks on this website. Sure you might find a way for it to taste ok but it is not worth having over almost anything else. The only decent use for Cinzano Rosso is to be mixed into cocktails. For a tasty cocktail that can use this sweet vermouth check out: The Rose.



1. Initial taste is actually nice but then replaced by a very unpleasant after taste. It does have that nice wine smell again though.

2. The smell here is bad but not as bad as the taste. It's bitter and you can really identify the orange peel flavour.

3. Very strong and bitter flavour here mixed with fizzy cherry.

4. Mostly coke at this point with a tinge of the vermouth flavour.



$14 per 1L bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.



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