The Shot

Honestly, smells like cinnamon with just a hint of that recognisably alcoholic taste. This fact makes the taste far less of a surprise, as it tastes pretty much just like you are drinking cinnamon syrup that isn't sweetened too much. There's no burn when you shoot it either, you can't even taste any alcohol flavours that you would expect. It isn't a bad thing, especially if you like the taste of cinnamon.

Though fireball is the original cinnamon whiskey, if you've tried Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire and not Fireball, the cinnamon Jack Daniel's is much sweeter.


The Bar Test

The scent of both the coke and Fireball almost disappear completely when combined. The result is a little cinnamon smell that can be smelt only if you bring the amalgamation to your nose and search for it. That's not a bad sign though, it suggests that neither one over powers the other.

Once you taste is you can rest assumed its mostly cinnamon. Interestingly it isn't overly sweet, especially not like its brother in Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire. Instead it is a straight forward cinnamon flavour that is somewhat enhanced by the flavour of the coke to produce quite a lovely tasting beverage. Refreshing and perhaps even the slightest bit spiced. Saying this is easy to drink is an understatement because it certainly goes down a treat. If you don't like cinnamon we probably wouldn't recommend it though.



If you don't like cinnamon, you've done well to get this far through the review, but it might be time to look at one of our many other review because this isn't the drink for you, but if you are a part of the majority of us who enjoy a little bit of cinnamon action, you'll love this bad boy.

This makes an excellent shot, it's only 33% alcoholic, but it tastes bloody amazing and goes down without any problems. What more could you want from a shot, unless you're one of those weirdos who actually enjoys taking a Bacardi 151 shot.

With coke this is pretty spectacular as well, it'll get you drunker a little slower than a jack or jim and coke, but your taste buds will enjoy a different experience, one where they really can't tell that what they are feeling is alcohol. You can pretty much have an amount of coke with it for it to taste nice as a little bonus.



  1. Pretty much smells the same as the shot. Not that bad, drinkable, but not amazing, strangely tastes a bit on the sour / bitter side of life. Still cinnamon though. We did get three different opinions on this one ranging from "I'd drink that" to "not that bad" to "nah, yuck", so this is really up to your interpretation - give it a go!
  2. Similar to one shot of coke, but sweeter, surprisingly the smell is stronger than before. The alcoholic actually preferred the one shot version, but it is still pretty good like this and definitely drinkable.
  3. The coke now decides to take a stand, still mostly a cinnamon taste, but you can finally notice the coke making its presence known.
  4. Basically the same as the bar test, the ice doesn't really make much of a difference on this one. The smell is the same as the bar test as well.


$49 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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