La Bonne Kirsch

La Bonne Kirsch

The Shot

This nice addition to the liquor cabinet starts strong, where by strong we mean it really hits you in the face with its scent. It smells pretty much exactly the same as turpentine which is a great start. If you can get a little used to the punchy turpentine smell, you can find some cherry notes in there, hidden somewhere. 

Once you get over the smell and gain the confidence to let it pass through your lips, you are graced with a deep and robust cherry flavour. It you let yourself smell it too much as you drink it though that cherry flavour is mixed with a lovely edge of death and solid body of an alcoholic punch. If you can control your nostrils, we like the taste, quite reminiscent of a more delicate flavoured vodka, or more volatile depending on which flavour you find first.

Initially there is literally no aftertaste, it just straight up magically vanishes. After a little bit though it surprises you by slowly, but surely sneaking up and hinting at a really pleasant, subtle cherry flavour. Probably the highlight of the shot to be honest.

The Bar Test

The easiest way to describe the combination of Kirsch and coke is that it both smells and tastes like a maraschino cherry. Which for some of us it awesome, because we love a good maraschino cherry, but it is quite flat and could probably be better with a bit of fizz. You could consider it to be a kind of take on cherry coke without the fizz, but it is a bit of a different taste, definitely not as sweet - probably closer to like a cherry juice. As a positive the cherry flavour definitely overpowers the coke here and although it isn't as sweet as cherry coke, it is still sweet, just not too sweet..


This stuff is pretty cheap which is a plus and it isn't a bad shot, definitely doable. Would I personally choose to take a shot of Kirsch over say Fireball? No, but it may be more to your taste preference than mine and at a similar 32% it's still a good choice for a shot. Could be something different to the normal for a casual mix up or to show a mate something new. 

This is actually pretty good with coke, it may get a bit on the sweet side after a while or the potent cherry taste may become a bit much a few in, but that might be your style. It is definitely not too overbearing after one and it is quite lovely with coke. This won't get you too drunk, so probably not perfect for a big night, but perfectly fine for a quite one or a fancy night. Unfortunately, we don't think we have seen this at too many bars, but if you do find one - give it a go!

The advantage of a good liqueur is it makes a great cocktail, this is no exception to the rule and goes go pretty well in cocktails. Check out The Rose for example and maybe even give it a try!


  1. Quite a strong cherry smell, surprisingly the turpentine part of the smell is completely gone. The taste isn't ideal though, kind of sub par cherry taste mixed with a flat coke taste.
  2. The same taste and smell as it had with one shot, except the added bonus of a little extra fizz and a little bit of a watery taste.
  3. Same smell. Less of a cherry taste and more watery, strange but not the worst.
  4. Same smell, but more of a cherry flavour when consumed. There's a fizziness here which is cool. This one is actually very nice, different to the bar test though the ice definitely has an indescribable, yet obvious effect.


$35 per 500ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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