The Shot

I suspect a lot of you can already predict what I am about to say about a shot out Ouzo. For those who have never heard of or tasted Ouzo (I admit I had heard of it referenced in TV & Film but never tried it) it is anise/aniseed flavored liquor and is typically used as an aperitif (I had to google it, refers to a drink that is served before a meal). The anise taste and smell is incredibly strong and unsurprising reminded us all of black jelly beans (anise being an ingredient), for some this was a good thing (myself) and a bad thing (everyone else) depending on your personal preference.


The Bar Test

As someone who liked black jelly beans, even I was apprehensive about how the taste would be paired with coke. Ouzo was not only very apparent in the smell but also the taste, surprisingly coupling well with the sweetness and fizz of the coke. I imagine if science ever made a sherbet powder out of black jelly beans then turned it into a liquid. I know the idea of that sounds crazy but I find it not as bad as I initially thought and much better then the other crazy stuff we tried that night.



Obviously if you are not a fan of black jelly beans or the anise taste in general you should avoid this drink, I shouldn't even have to tell you that. So I will address the people out there who do and may still be on the fence on how this taste goes with coke. I recommend you try it at a bar at least once and determine if the combination works for you. I highly suspect it will appeal only to the die hard lovers of anise, which I am not. As much as I wanted this odd combination to a go-to for me it just wasn't something I could see myself drinking more then twice in a row. 



1. Unsurprisingly strong anise smell and taste considering the amount of Ouzo to coke

2. Sweet and sugary taste but a tiny bit watery. Like if one were to dissolve a black jelly bean in water

3. Same smell but more of a coke presence

4. Disapointingly watery coke with tiny hints of anise



$42 per 700ml bottle

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Cinzano Rosso

Cinzano Rosso