Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label

We're kicking Johnnie Walker Week with the common and classic Red Label!


The Shot

The alcohol taste quickly lets you know that you probably shouldn't be drinking this on it's own. On the nose you can definitely get an oak scent and prepares your taste buds for the assault they are about to experience. We found that red label was bitter on the lips and had faint caramel notes. We all expected a strong burn but when it would occur surprised us all, rather than occur as the liquid flows down when you swallow the burn hit after a few seconds of it being within your mouth giving off a sort of "listerine" effect.


The Bar Test

Let's be reasonable, it's cheap and easy to get as a result anyone who has been drinking on a budget has had their fair share of red label. All of the With Coke crew were not shocked to find they didn't hate it (as majority of us fit into the category mentioned above). Compared to other favourites such as Jack Daniels, scotch with coke has a very different taste and carries a much more sharp punch. For red label, don't expect it to take the lead; this drink fits into the coke + friends category that gives an afterkick rather than working in parallel to form a more complex taste.



As I mentioned above, it's cheap, it's available and it doesn't taste that bad. If given the choice between Red Label and another house scotch I would pick red label any day of the week. Scotch enthusiasts will try to convince you that you shouldn't be drinking but you should try it with coke at least once and decide for yourself.

A side note is Red Label is very often sold in small or even tiny bottles for very cheap so if your unsure buy a small bottle and try it with no financial risk.



1.  An unpleasant smell with the only taste being a burn that lingers with a tingle.

2. Smells just as pungent as the prior test but the taste is more like role-playing as a beaver and chewing on wood.

3. Mostly coke with a caramel after taste.

4. Smells like there Red Label at least but it really just is coke.



$38 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label