Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label

If you know of the infamous red label then you would most likely have heard of this gem!


The Shot

We tried this shortly after reviewing the lovely Johnnie Walker Red Label so we could tell that Black Label smelt much sweeter in comparison. However, it is quite pungent which caused us to expect a burn similar to its predecessor. Upon tasting the shot, we were enlightened to discover that there is almost no burn whatsoever and it leaves a warm feeling in the mouth. The flavour is packed full of oaky goodness with not nearly as much sweetness as expected. This taste will linger for a short time but still longer than what was found in red label.


The Bar Test

Similar to many drinks we have tried, the coke brings out a new salubrious flavour to life. It's actually quite refreshing too! There is a pleasant sweetness that is delivered while drinking this but with a small bitter edge. Personally, I love it. It's tasty and easy to drink. I feel as though with red label you aren't receiving the full punch that Mr. Walker has to offer but you definitely get your moneys worth with black label. You can usually expect the same flavour from any bar you go to as it is quite a common scotch to have with coke and hard to mess up. But of course it will be a few dollars more expensive than it's younger sibling. 



Now I will always buy black label over red every time and I suggest you to do the same. Assuming black label isn't out of your price range or if it is excessively priced. As said above, it's usually only a few dollars more expensive but it is definitely worth it for the upgrade.



1. Same smell as the shot here. For the taste, expect a bitter flavour with a long lingering after taste. Not great.

2. Delicious here at the 1:2 ratio. It combines with the coke well to provide a stronger flavour. Goes down well if that's your thing.

3. Nice smell but mostly coke at this point with a slight bitter after taste.

4. Completely separate flavour here. Sweet oak flavour at the beginning. Coke in the middle. Bitterness for the end.



$45 per 700ml bottle

Standard price at Dan Murphy's Australia, prices may vary.

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